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Have you ever gotten caught by your partner doing something morally wrong. I mean CAUGHT, hook, line and sinker? I hope not, but with relationships as fragile as they are, it has become increasingly clear that the moral fibers that one bound these relationships, has deteriorated by a large degree. We live in a society of immediate gratification. If that immediate gratification is not met, (immediately), peoples morals wander.

This article came as a result of an experience of my girlfriends, friend. Apparently, my girlfriends friend was doing some shopping at a mall this past Saturday. Her boyfriend said he really didn’t wish to go with her (used the old Guyz hate shopping in malls routine), and that he would find something else to do. So his girlfriend leaves and goes about her business. Later, while still at the mall shopping, she passes a restaurant, and decides to get a bite to eat. And who do you think she saw? Yup, her boyfriend. Actually, her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend, sitting together and acting quite inappropriately. I give her credit, though. As hurt as she was, she did not want to create a public spectacle. She positioned herself to be able to observe, without being seen.

To make this story short, she went home and got there before he did. She coyly asked him how his day went. He instantly retorted, “I didn’t do anything of any consequence“. She said, oh really, then you won’t mind explaining to me what you were doing in the same mall as I with your ex girlfriend. He apparently got all red, and flustered, and started explaining more than he should have, as a desperate measure. He was BUSTED…Caught..hook, line and sinker.


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Alright, it is November a month to go before Christmas. Now starts the shopping for gifts anxieties to rear its ugly head. A time when couples try to figure out the right gifts to give one another. Whether male or female, you want to give that special someone, something that they will use, like, and appreciate. When in a relationship for a while, and having a few holiday seasons under your belt, you can usually read your partner to the point of knowing what he or she would like. It is said that the gift is in the giving, but if you give the wrong gift, or a gift not wanted, you will know it by the responses you get!

A gift that just doesn’t make it can be compared to the look of a child’s face who wished for an Xbox and got a DVD disk instead. On the other hand, is it better to ask in advance what your partner would like, within reason, and get them exactly what they like? I know, this way takes all of the fun out of not knowing what the gift is, but it can also prevent major disappointment. With couples experiencing their first Christmas together, the relationship is so new that anything goes, and spontaneity still rules. I personally like the idea of surprise in giving and getting. But sometimes, I wish I was asked!!!

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I just got a call from my girlfriend. She had been waiting outside on a line, along with what she described as a block long procession of people, at a popular store. She has been there since 6:30 in the morning! Why, you ask? Because today is Black Friday, the day normally sane people leave early in the morning, and wait on long lines, to hopefully get presents for their loved ones, a month before giving them the gifts.

Alright, the savings can be great, and saving money in this economy is terrific. But she also said she was very cold waiting outside, and one wouldn’t dare leave the line for anything less than an emergency. But once the doors opened, chaos reigned supreme. She told me that no more than five minutes had passed since she started her present hunting, then a woman on an out of control shopping cart ran into her!

I kinda laughed at the visual taking place in my mind, but she was not in the mood for my sarcasm! Or anybody else’s for that matter! She told me the people shopping were like animals, pushing and shoving each other to find their special gifts, without regard for anyone! She also told me she was black and blue from that experience hence the name of this article!! But, like any dedicated shopper, she got what she set out to get…and unfortunately, a bit more than she had bargained for.!

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Silence is Golden


While in a relationship, aren’t there times when you just wish to hear NOTHING! Just some peace and quiet is all you desire. Desire it may be, but ever try to get that in a relationship? Pretty near impossible! With me, the chances of that happening are less than slim to none. My girlfriend is a yacker, a motor mouth. Her vocal cords get utilized the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep! It’s not like I don’t want her to speak, duh!, but there are times that I am talked out, and just want my world to be on mute for a while! But she doesn’t understand that…except when it is she that wants it quiet and serene!
So my solution to this is quite simple:

Silence is golden
Duct tape is silver

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The way to a mans heart


It is said that an excellent way for a woman to please her guy is through a good, home cooked meal. I happen to agree with that statement! I’m attracted to her for her looks, her mind, and her culinary expertise in the kitchen. I mean that sincerely. I happen to be an excellent chef in my own rights. And so, having a girlfriend who is quite adept in epicurial delights, makes for a happy ME! It’s also kind of fun with both of us making something to eat together, a team effort so to speak. Along with a bit of competition and food fights! Lol For me, this is a very important part of the relationship. It’s not that I eat a heck of a lot, but I do like to eat good homemade food! So, a way to this mans heart is through his stomach. If she can’t cook worth a damn, the way to HER heart is through her ribcage. hehehe

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Pet Names for Humans


I HATE PET NAMES !!! No, not the stupid ones given to foo foo dogs. They are bad enough! It’s the ones given in a relationship as a term of endearment. I don’t like giving them nor do I like being called them! I can barely handle being called honey or dear or sweetie, let alone names like pookums or boo or pooh bear! Ich! Makes me feel like hurling. Too sweet sounding for my tastes! And as a guy, way too embarrassing when called that in public! OK, the truth comes out. It’s not really all that bad when one on one, in private, without other ears listening in! But for a guy, being called one of those sweet “endearing” pet names in public is outright humiliating! On the other hand, women being the emotional creatures that they are, eat it up! They love it, it’s so meaningful to them. The sweeter, the better! No wonder they get cavities!

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Bruce Springsteen said it best in his song “You can look but you better not touch”. Although by far, men are more visually hardwired than that of women, both genders LOOK at other people. I feel that there is nothing wrong with that, as long as that is where it ends…just looking! How many times a day do you see a hot girl and give her a smile, at the same time checking her out from head to heel? Or the woman doing the same things to a hard bodied guy! Again I say, so what’s wrong with that. Just because you may in a relationship doesn’t mean you have blinders on. Sight is one of our senses, and so we use it. It’s like admiring a picture of the Mona Lisa and getting yelled at by your partner for looking at another woman. WAIT, maybe the Mona Lisa isn’t the best example to use, but you get the drift of it! Lol. For we guyz admire a shapely body, a firm bosom, and a shapely ass! And you women check us out just the same. Admit it!
Again, this is little visual is meant to be just a look, not an outright stare, and it has nothing to do with flirting. Just a look, a peep, an internal smile!

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