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A Chance Encounter

Have you ever heard the saying, Don‘t make the same mistake twice”? Well, I was doing some food shopping (ugh!) and was walking down the aisle, and overheard a girl in the next row speaking in a voice quite familiar to me. It was a girl I had dated some 5 years back, but whose name completely eluded me.

I quickly made it to the end of the aisle to peek at her and yet not be seen. Unfortunately, she was also at the end of her aisle and we “ran” into each other. We started up a conversation consisting of simple short questions and answers, followed by subtle questions as to what I’ve been doing since we broke up. She kept talking and talking, and didn’t have the courtesy to let me get a word in edgewise.

To my self I thought, oh yea, Jaime, that was her name. At the same instant I suddenly remembered why we broke up. She was a yacker, and that was ok, but she never let me or anyone else get a word in edgewise. When she asked “So, are you seeing anyone”? my answer was a very snappy YES, excused myself, and got out of there post haste!


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It is said, that if you fall off a horse, get right back on it, or you become fearful of the horse. I guess the same logic goes for dating.
I’m soon going to become girlfriend(less). Except that this time, there will be no anger, no hurt, no weeks of sorrow. It is but a parting of ways between two mature people. To those readers out there who haven’t read my previous post, I blogged about getting case of wanderlust, and forgetting to sign out, upon which my girlfriend read the article.

Since this is not technically a major breakup, as there was no hostilities involved, there is no recuperation time needed. At least not for me! I was the one contemplating singledom. So know I pose this question to myself, get right back on the horse and start the dating process again, or enjoy my freedom, for at least a month!

I have never had trouble meeting girls, as I have been lucky with the gift of gab, and a pretty good physique. My problem is that I grow bored and tired seeing the same person once it becomes a relationship. A failing on my part? Or a need for variety? After all, it is the spice of life!

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Do Clothes Make the Man

As quickly as it became known to my friends that I was approaching being single…again, the first thing said from girl friends, was awww, so sorry to hear that, followed by get some new threads and git back in the saddle. Why do I need more clothes? It doesn’t state who I am, nor does it make me a better man! Hell, I already have spent over $3000 in clothes which were purchased in 2008 alone, most of which I purchased through the pestering of my now ex girl, and of which 80% I still have not worn yet! I’m not a woman, I have no need for the latest fashions, or what’s trendy, at the moment, nor do I relate to retail therapy. I really couldn’t care less. Give me a couple of suits for work, a few pair of slacks, some shirts, and my sneakers, and I’m a happy camper. I certainly do not need more to make me feel better. I feel fine!

I’m not going to be judged by a female or anybody for my dress attire! I don’t believe that clothes make the man, but the other way around, a man makes the clothes! Take me as I am, or I won’t last long. Although I am chivalrous, I refuse to be some damsel’s knight in shining Armani !

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Self Fulfilling Prophecy

A few articles ago (see Out with the Old, In with the New), I eluded to the fact that I was possibly looking to break up with my present girlfriend. Well, I made the ultimate blog faux pas… I didn’t sign out. So guess what, she viewed the article! YIKES, the cat is out of the bag. Now my gf isn’t one to mince words with me, nor to hide that fact. Upon my return from work, I knew something was wrong. Since I was caught 100% off guard, and had no time for “preparation”, I asked her what was wrong. She confessed to going to my computer and snooping around, and while snooping, saw the article and read it, along with every article I have posted. What can I say! I totally screwed up! It’s the Pandora Effect. Tell a girl not to look, and guaranteed, given the opportunity, will !

Now in that particular article, I felt like it was about time to make a break. She deserves more, and I’m getting wanderlust again. I don’t want to get or be married, and she has been talking too much lately about our future.

So, now it was out in the open. I actually didn’t have to say much, as it was all written in that article she read. When she asked if I meant it, I had but a micro second to think, but told her what I wrote was exactly how I felt. In an obvious act of cowardice, I muttered, but it was “at that moment”. She took it quite well, hurt, but she understood. She wants a future, possibly kids, a solid relationship, and she does deserve that. I am gun shy, and do not see, or want to see marriage in my near future. I like having a gf, but not a fulltime wife. I need my escape clause! And I guess I found it ! lol

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The Cougar’s Pet

I work in a large, multistory building, so observing people and behavior has become a bit of a hobby for me. Couple that with the fact that there are so many “regulars”, those with whom you see and speak to everyday. Makes good fodder for my Blog! I find it amazing to observe the dynamics of personal interaction. Of course you see the usual couples, most of which are about the same age group, but now I have seen something new. At least new to me! There is this woman who works in the building who roughly, I would say is in her mid to late fifties. No spring chicken, but an attractive lady for her years. I say that because I’m in her age bracket!! Really, she has aged very well. So well that she gets a whole lot of attention from the 20-30 year old males that also work in the building. As of late, she has focused her attention (or intention) on one male about 21-25. She has become quite obvious that she and this guy have something going on, at work, and who knows what else after work! He is completely enamored with her, although she is at least twice his age. Who’ld have thunk!

They carry on like any couple, are always seen together, and always seem to be having a good time. However, they do get a lot of looks and stares from people passing by, probably wondering if they are a couple or mother and son. They simply couldn’t care less, and that is a great attitude for them to have.
She is a cougar, and he is the cougar’s pet!

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Well, 2008 is coming to an end and we’ll be ushering in a new year.
As a confirmed bachelor with either wanderlust (or A.D.D.), may be it is time for a new girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, my current one is pretty damn good, but she has started making those little annoying remarks about our future, the hinting of what could be, in other words, potential marriage. She knew from the start I really don’t want to get or be married. It doesn’t mean I’m against it. I’m just saying it isn’t something I think about or want. It is also not that I intend to cheat on my girlfriend, it isn’t in my nature to do so, but that wanderlust feeling is gnawing away at me.

I have to come up with a really good reason why I should break up with her, if there is one. I won’t purposely pick a fight with her, just to end our relationship. May be the best way is to let her know that I am not marriage material. I am successful at work, have a house and toys, am financially secure, but I don’t like feeling caged. I won’t do or say anything to her until after Valentines Day. That just brought to mind The St. Valentines Day Massacre! YIKES! I guess it will depend on how I feel at that time.

I don’t want to hurt her, or string her on, but I have no intentions of marrying her or anyone else for that matter.
Hey, I’m only 56 years old, too young to settle down, too old to want to have kids! lol
Then again, why make only one woman miserable, when I can make many miserable!

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No, not the Doublemint gum commercial, but the Twins. Every mans fantasy, I’m sure. My mind wanders to one of the Austin Powers movies, where he is confronted (and comforted!) by twin oriental gals. How great would it be to have the opportunity to date a brace of twins! It sure would fulfill one of my fantasies, a major one at that! I wonder if I could handle it. That I don’t know, but I sure would love to give it a try if presented with the opportunity!

These are probably dreams (or nightmares). They exist only in my fantasy where they are fulfilling (duh!), outrageous, and remain as my ultimate fantasy, where they probably belong. I am curious as to whether anyone has ever actually had the opportunity to live this fantasy, and if so, has was it. This dirty old man wants to know!

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