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While it is true that many older men enjoy the company of younger women, the fact that women today stay young looking a lot longer than their predecessors, makes them a hot commodity among younger guys. They possess a most desirable trait…experience.

To explore this ”phenomenon”, one must first know what the terms MILF and Cougar’s mean. MILF is an acronym for Mothers I’ld Like To Fu*k. While some may be presently married, and so potentially dangerous, it is the recently divorced ones that are prime targets to pursue! Cougars, on the other hand, are “more experienced” than MILF’s. In other words, she has been around the block a few times. She has EXPERIENCE. Usually, Cougars range in age from 40 years old and up, usually divorced but may never have been married, the predatory feline.

With women’s emancipation, came new freedoms to seek out, explore and enjoy. Honestly, both can be and are, very hot women. Younger guys are always at odds when dating girls of their own age. The girls want the guys to be “more” than they can be at their age. They want immediate change, and guys resent that. The guys, being visual creatures, see the older woman as totally exciting in nature. They cherish the fact that with age comes experience. It is a maturity that makes them so attractive. And they are women, not girls. They are not flowers blossoming, they are the flowers in full bloom. And older women nowadays are a far cry from women of yesteryear. I don’t know if it is genetics, cosmetic surgery, or damn good spa’s, but many of the women that fall in to this age group, far outshine their younger counterparts.

From the woman’s point of view, younger guys are exciting, carefree, and fun. And they have stamina and staying power, always a plus. And younger guys have the same effect as older men and younger women. They make good eye and arm candy!

MILF’s and Cougars are here to stay. It is a win-win attraction for both male and female.


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