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I happen to find that particular statement to, at times, be true, as many soccer moms are quite hot. So, what exactly are soccer moms? The answer is simply this; she is usually a middle class woman around 35 to 45 years of age, living a wealthy suburban lifestyle, and who spend much of her time driving her school age children to and from sporting events in their new Land Rover SUV‘s. It doesn’t have to be soccer, but that is where the phrase took off in popularity and has stuck.

I happen to be a single, middle aged guy who had the opportunity to spend time with a buddy at a soccer game in which his tween daughter was playing. To confess, I was never much of a soccer fan, as I did not grow up around the sport, but I do have an eye for attractive ladies. Right off the bat was 3 or 4 gorgeous moms pressed up against the chain link fence, rooting for their children with passion. I mean they were really in to the game. I started wondering why they drove and then stay to watch their children play the sport and not their husbands. It seemed a bit odd to me…. at first!

I decided to try a little pick up maneuver and do a little “research”. I proceeded to that fence, right next to those hotties, and started shouting out my friend’s daughter’s name. About 15 minutes later, and with the onslaught of a raspy voice brought on my shouting, one of those soccer moms initiated the conversation by asking, “Which one is your daughter”? I told this beauty standing next to me who I was shouting for and that she wasn’t my daughter, but my niece! OK, little white lie, so sue me! As she watched the game, I found myself watching her! She wasn’t a kid, she was all woman, and a beaut at that, wearing nice designer shorts and top, and boasting a delicious tan.

We started chit chatting and before long she told me that she was divorced because her husband never had time for anything but work. I asked her if it wasn’t for her child playing, was she in to the sport. She actually told me she was a “soccer mom” in those words, and that it was a terrific way to meet guys. I was at first taken back by her comment. Next week, I’m meeting this mom-babe at the next game. I might even start to like the sport. I already know how to dribble! lol


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