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waiting ship

How many of you guys and gals out there in the Blog-o-sphere, during the aftermath of a major breakup, decide to wait a while before entering the dating game… again? How long does one contemplate, perpetuate, and simply wait before feeling desperate, and starting all over again.

Sure it hurts, it hurts like Hell. And thoughts range from “I’ll never find another person like her/him” to “I feel like I can’t/won’t ever do this again”. But that is where the human spirit takes over. We all want to be with someone. We were not put on Earth to be alone. Everybody needs somebody and there is someone for everyone. At least that is what I have always heard! lol

So, using the adage of “If you fall off a horse, get right back on it and start riding” is quite apropos. The longer you wait, the longer it takes, and then “fear of” sets in and makes the situation even worse!
The moral of this blog is “Don’t wait until your ship comes in, start rowing out to it”!


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