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The translation of Friends with Benefits behavior is two people (friends or acquaintances) who get together expressly for a sexual encounter (the benefits!). There is no wining, there is no dining, flowers, or any of the spoils of a traditional emotionally centered relationship. It is a mutually beneficial, no strings attached affair from both standpoints. It is the quintessential booty call, but is devoid of feelings, although it can be a safe, drama free, no pressure experience.

Friends with benefits, under the right set of circumstances, and with the acceptance that comes from the lack of exclusivity, can prove to turn out quite well at least from the physical perspective. However, it quickly dissolves into obscurity, for the moment that one of the players expresses any “feelings” for the other, or when one has the desire for “exclusivity”! Friends with benefits can exist only on the physical aspect of a relationship, not the physical/emotional state of regular relationships. Therein lies the seductive nature of this affair. It is not a fling, as it may be part time or full time, and could possibly go on for a long span of time. You are but fu*k buddies. You hook up, casually sleep together, and then go about your business.


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