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Well, this is going to be a depressing New Years Eve spent with me, myself, and I. Hey, does that count as 3? My girlfriend got called to do a photo op in Hawaii, and I couldn’t get away to be with her due to prior commitments. I thought that the older one gets, the less importance New Years Eve would have. But, this is not the case for me. May be because we kind of made plans, and I did know that she might get called and have to leave at a moments notice, but still… I wanna go to Hawaii too! As I type out this blog, I am also trying to book a plane flight to be there while she is there and surprise her.

So, now is my opportunity for thinking about resolutions to be made for the upcoming New Year. I’ve attained affluence (No smarties, that’s flatulence), been around the world, and have all my boy toys. I want health and serenity. Then again, who doesn’t? Guess I’ll settle for Hawaii.

It’s been a year of writing this blog, and so to all of those who have read and commented on it… I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!


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