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I have friends who run a major dating website. Although I am “off the market” and in a “stable relationship”, when we meet, topics of relationships almost always pop up in our conversation. First of all, the readers have to understand that this group of us range in age from the 40’s to late 50’s, and so we see things from an older perspective and point of view.

For as long as Snow White and Cinderella have been seen by countless girls around the world, whether read, seen on TV or in the movies, Prince Charming has been their idol and when they grow up, is what they desire for themselves in a relationship. He is reported to be handsome, a vanquisher of evil doings, and chivalrous to boot. Girls, ladies… this is a make believe character! He was created to exemplify what a woman desires; a good looking man, one who could protect her, care for her, make her feel loved, and feel like a princess.

How is it that younger women truly believe that this is reality in modern times? How many times have you read a female’s profile on a dating website, and seen the famous quote “ I want to be treated like the princess I am”, or “Are there any real men left out there “, “Is chivalry a lost art“! First of all, what makes you believe you are a princess to be spoiled, to deserve to sit on your butt and do nothing for yourself but have others do it for you? These are the daddy’s little girls who grew up so spoiled that they don’t know or have the ability to do anything on their own. It’s quite pathetic if you think about it.

As for “are there any real men out there”, well, they are but no man puts up with that crap for any length of time. Relationships work best if they are given 100% from each side, and spoiling your girl is fine if that is what you wish to do. It is a different set of circumstances when it is expected. As far as chivalry, no, it is not a lost art. This was the only “grievance” that we agreed fully with the ladies. It really isn’t chivalry. Opening a door for or seating a lady is simple courtesy and all men should do it for that reason. So, we then realized that the only solution for these web princesses is to find themselves a real sugar daddy.


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