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How many of you guys and gals out there in the Blog-o-sphere, during the aftermath of a major breakup, decide to wait a while before entering the dating game… again? How long does one contemplate, perpetuate, and simply wait before feeling desperate, and starting all over again.

Sure it hurts, it hurts like Hell. And thoughts range from “I’ll never find another person like her/him” to “I feel like I can’t/won’t ever do this again”. But that is where the human spirit takes over. We all want to be with someone. We were not put on Earth to be alone. Everybody needs somebody and there is someone for everyone. At least that is what I have always heard! lol

So, using the adage of “If you fall off a horse, get right back on it and start riding” is quite apropos. The longer you wait, the longer it takes, and then “fear of” sets in and makes the situation even worse!
The moral of this blog is “Don’t wait until your ship comes in, start rowing out to it”!


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When does a guy living a sugar daddy type lifestyle learn to say NO to a pretty young woman? To basically cut her off! I, personally enjoy it, as do many men, but when does the balance become so slanted that it no longer is enjoyable? The whole idea of the sugar daddy lifestyle is to be able to spoil, mentor, and have some nice arm and eye candy. And that is all well and good. But here is my dilemma.

I met this young lady a few weeks ago through an online dating site that embraces that particular lifestyle and all seemed well and good… at the beginning. We met for drinks, found we had chemistry and attraction between us, and were both looking for same thing. It seemed like a perfect match, and for a while it was. We mutually agreed to see each other once every two weeks to go out to fancy restaurants, and high brow cultural events. She is almost 20 years younger than me, but still not a kid by any means. At first, I lavished her with gifts, and I was her Prince Charming, when she needed money, I was her Knight in shining armor, when I took her to Europe, I was an angel, and when I cut her off, I was the scum of the earth!

So why did I cut her off, you ask? It is simple. When everything given freely becomes expected, not appreciated, and when it is never enough, it soon changes the scenario from sugar babe to gold digger. Yes it is a lifestyle definitely not suited for everyone, and it can and does work as an alternative lifestyle, but both parties concerned have to feel they are getting something out of the relationship or what’s the point! May be it was my fault? May be it was both of our fault, but I refuse being treated like an ongoing human ATM.

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Well, 2008 is coming to an end and we’ll be ushering in a new year.
As a confirmed bachelor with either wanderlust (or A.D.D.), may be it is time for a new girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, my current one is pretty damn good, but she has started making those little annoying remarks about our future, the hinting of what could be, in other words, potential marriage. She knew from the start I really don’t want to get or be married. It doesn’t mean I’m against it. I’m just saying it isn’t something I think about or want. It is also not that I intend to cheat on my girlfriend, it isn’t in my nature to do so, but that wanderlust feeling is gnawing away at me.

I have to come up with a really good reason why I should break up with her, if there is one. I won’t purposely pick a fight with her, just to end our relationship. May be the best way is to let her know that I am not marriage material. I am successful at work, have a house and toys, am financially secure, but I don’t like feeling caged. I won’t do or say anything to her until after Valentines Day. That just brought to mind The St. Valentines Day Massacre! YIKES! I guess it will depend on how I feel at that time.

I don’t want to hurt her, or string her on, but I have no intentions of marrying her or anyone else for that matter.
Hey, I’m only 56 years old, too young to settle down, too old to want to have kids! lol
Then again, why make only one woman miserable, when I can make many miserable!

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