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Well, this is going to be a depressing New Years Eve spent with me, myself, and I. Hey, does that count as 3? My girlfriend got called to do a photo op in Hawaii, and I couldn’t get away to be with her due to prior commitments. I thought that the older one gets, the less importance New Years Eve would have. But, this is not the case for me. May be because we kind of made plans, and I did know that she might get called and have to leave at a moments notice, but still… I wanna go to Hawaii too! As I type out this blog, I am also trying to book a plane flight to be there while she is there and surprise her.

So, now is my opportunity for thinking about resolutions to be made for the upcoming New Year. I’ve attained affluence (No smarties, that’s flatulence), been around the world, and have all my boy toys. I want health and serenity. Then again, who doesn’t? Guess I’ll settle for Hawaii.

It’s been a year of writing this blog, and so to all of those who have read and commented on it… I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!


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Have you ever been caught up in a situation where jealousy, that green eyed monster rears its ugly head? Most people unfortunately have experienced this at some time in their lives. And no one relishes being in such a position, or as the recipient. Jealousy is not necessarily a female concept. It rears its head to males also. It crosses both genders, but I think that women have a higher susceptibility towards it, as they are more emotionally driven than men.

Sayings like, I’m jealous of her, she’s jealous of him, are all too common terms.
They are feelings and expressed emotions … very strong feelings and emotions!
Jealousy is a complex reaction to a certain set of emotional thoughts and behaviors which manifest themselves outwardly, hence the term green eyed monster or green with envy.

How can jealousy affect a relationship? It can influence a couple in a positive way if it is just mild jealousy. It can influence you to do better, to act as a form of competition. In this instance, if both the couple are competitive by nature, mild jealousy can be a good thing. It can, however, destroy that relationship. When the jealousy becomes too strong, it becomes a ticking time bomb, eventually exploding into shards of angry jaded shrapnel. Jealousy can and does bring out the worst in people. The solution therefore is open COMMUNICATION before it gets totally out of hand. Communication is required from BOTH sides with lots of understanding and patience, as the feelings can be quite intense. Remember, it takes two to tango!

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In today’s world of dating and relationships, the N.S.A. or No Strings Attached type dating has become ever so popular. Maybe that is so simply because of its definition. If something has no strings attached, then there are no obligations or expectations. It could be a sweet ride for those who are in to this form of casual dating encounter.
The NSA type of relationship goes by many names, but it is for the most part, a discreet type of relation. Take for example, a wife who’s husband’s job takes him away for days, weeks, or months. She gets lonely, but doesn’t want to leave him, or vice versa. This kind of discreet relationship can actually work for them, as it fulfils a need for both parties concerned!

Friends with benefits, is another widely used term. Similar expressions are a fling, a booty call, a little something on the side.
I’m sure you get the idea! I personally think this type of relation is more male provoked. I say this simply for the reason that males are less likely to commit (mostly due to fear!) than females. This relationship, at least as seen on the various online dating sites, is initiated by men who are married (usually for a number of years), but who don’t want to get divorced from their wives, or younger women who don’t want a true relationship, but the “benefits” of such without the drama. Those women seek a more mature discreet version of this phenomenon. They are looking for sugar daddies who can spoil, wine and dine them, and show them a real good time. While this form of casual dating has become somewhat accepted, it is not this author’s way. Just call me old-fashioned. What next, cybersex becomes the norm?

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After digging around the garage for awhile, I found the boxes labeled Christmas Stuff. I brought to her the balls, plastic red/white candy canes, garland, etc. I also found that the miles of Christmas lights looked like a tangled birds nest. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next few hours! Ugh. The heck with that, throw them out and buy new ones! Yeah, that’s the way to do it! An hour later, I was back at the house with many new strings of lights, red ones, white ones, blinking ones! Next step, grab the ladder and get it up to the roof. My house is a one story ranch, but I don’t like being on the roof edge. Anyways, I start looping the lights around the edging of the roof, put the icicles below them (it is so funny, icicles and we’re in Florida), and proceed to get my sore ass down to terra firma.

I have a couple of hundred feet of lighting left over, and so I decide to illuminate a 50 foot coconut palm that is in our front yard. Pretty good idea except I have a 20 foot ladder. So now we have a big palm tree with 20 feet of lights, and an empty top. I could try one of those Survivor man/Bear Grylls techniques I’ve seen on TV using my shoe laces tied, but at 56 years old…I think NOT ! I come back into the house, quite sore and achy. Girlfriend is wearing her red and white Christmas hat. She has decked out the tree which I must say looks great, and all by herself. What’s better is she just opened a bottle of Baileys Irish of which we intend to polish off. She also gives me a terrific massage, which is much appreciated. I think I’ll keep her for a while! Lol

As much as I enjoy this holiday, I’m glad it is only once a year, my back couldn’t handle it! Time for libation. Ciao.

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