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There are an increasing amount of women today who desire to experience a better lifestyle and have turned to the internet to seek a relationship with their very own sugar daddy. Finding and attracting an affluent male can be difficult for some women so here is some dating advice tips regarding the top 3 ways to attract and meet a sugar daddy.

1) Go where they go

If you are looking to meet wealthy men it is important to visit places that successful males tend to frequent. You’re not going to find affluent males eating at fast food joints or shopping at discount stores. Most sugar daddies prefer to dine at fine restaurants and when it comes to shopping, they most likely can be seen at upscale department stores. Other places where successful wealthy men can be found would be museums, charity events, country clubs, art galleries, auctions and upper class social events. Another option would be to join a dating site which caters to rich successful males who are looking for relationships. This is quickly becoming the most popular way for a woman to meet a sugar daddy because it’s the most convenient and the least expensive.

2) Appearance is important

If there was a book entitled dating advice for meeting a sugar daddy, I’m sure the most important tip in that book would be for a woman to work on her appearance. Wealthy gentlemen are in high demand by most females which means these men can get just about any woman they desire. It is important for a lady to look her best and carry herself in a sophisticated dignified manner. Wearing stylish clothing that fits well can greatly improve a person’s image and make her stand out in a crowd. Being well groomed is another way of making yourself more attractive so you might want to pay a visit to the beauty salon and freshen up your look. Stay away from wearing heavy makeup as this is not the look you are striving for. A more sophisticated classy appearance is what a successful individual will be attracted to. You might also consider joining a fitness center and getting that body of yours into shape through diet and exercise.

3) Etiquette

How you conduct yourself in public when in the company of a sugar daddy is something a woman should be very conscious of. Many affluent gentlemen are accustomed to being surrounded by educated and cultured people. The last thing you want to do is embarrass him and yourself as this will ruin your chances of ever keeping or attracting such a wealthy individual. Proper etiquette is something to be aware of at all times. For example, if you are dining out you want to avoid using profanity in your conversations and you might even want to turn your cell phone off as it can be very annoying for others to hear it constantly ringing. There are many books on proper etiquette which can be of great help.

So there you have it, the top 3 dating advice tips for attracting and meeting your very own sugar daddy. Attracting a wealthy gentleman might not be as difficult as you once thought, just use a little common sense and follow the above 3 tips and you’ll be on your way!


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Well guys, 2010 V-Day is soon upon us. The day that our hunnies love us or hate us! It is a day when the sun shines, the birds sing, and love is in the air. OR, a reenactment of that infamous massacre taking place on that day. While all women are different and unique, the most important thing to do is NOT FORGET it is Valentines Day.

As for what to do for her on this day will vary from person to person but acknowledging her is mandatory! Some years past I forgot the day and “paid” dearly for that. I learned my lesson well that day. A card is a must, with a little inscription a good idea. As for chocolates, well, I had always thought that was traditional. My memory takes me back to an old girlfriend. She had been complaining to me that she was gaining weight and didn’t like that fact. I told her, nicely, that she still looked good to me. So, come Valentines Day, I give her the card and a wrapped box of choc’s, complete with pink bow. She reads the card, gets all warm and fuzzy, and kisses me passionately. She then opens the box and her jaw drops. “You know I’m trying to lose weight and you give me chocolates” “You can be so inconsiderate sometimes”! At this point I don’t say a word. What goes through my mind is an old joke.
I got you a pair of slippers and a vibrator. If you don’t use the slippers, you can use the vibrator and go F&%k yourself! No, I did not tell her that one. But I also never bought her chocolates again. Women, can’t live without em… can’t shoot em either!

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silly season

Well, it’s starting to affect me again. The end of October and next month, Thanksgiving. The start of the silly season, a period of time in which emotions can run rampant with highs and lows until after Valentines Day. I’m feeling the blues! No girlfriend right now to share in the festivities of the upcoming holidays.

I don’t mind not having Thanksgiving dinner (as I dislike turkey!), but then comes Christmas, and that will put me in to a tailspin. I love to give gifts to a girlfriend, and this year will not have the opportunity I feel. Of course, I have been a very good boy, so may be Santa will give me one? If he does, he better not look for a chimney.. I live in Florida! LOL.

Next, comes the two holidays that are the worst when not in a relationship. Spending New Years Eve without female companionship basically sucks, and in February, there is Valentines Day to contend with! Yes indeed, the 2009-2010 Silly Season, will not be a happy one for this author. However, I will have almost a year to make restitution!

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I happen to find that particular statement to, at times, be true, as many soccer moms are quite hot. So, what exactly are soccer moms? The answer is simply this; she is usually a middle class woman around 35 to 45 years of age, living a wealthy suburban lifestyle, and who spend much of her time driving her school age children to and from sporting events in their new Land Rover SUV‘s. It doesn’t have to be soccer, but that is where the phrase took off in popularity and has stuck.

I happen to be a single, middle aged guy who had the opportunity to spend time with a buddy at a soccer game in which his tween daughter was playing. To confess, I was never much of a soccer fan, as I did not grow up around the sport, but I do have an eye for attractive ladies. Right off the bat was 3 or 4 gorgeous moms pressed up against the chain link fence, rooting for their children with passion. I mean they were really in to the game. I started wondering why they drove and then stay to watch their children play the sport and not their husbands. It seemed a bit odd to me…. at first!

I decided to try a little pick up maneuver and do a little “research”. I proceeded to that fence, right next to those hotties, and started shouting out my friend’s daughter’s name. About 15 minutes later, and with the onslaught of a raspy voice brought on my shouting, one of those soccer moms initiated the conversation by asking, “Which one is your daughter”? I told this beauty standing next to me who I was shouting for and that she wasn’t my daughter, but my niece! OK, little white lie, so sue me! As she watched the game, I found myself watching her! She wasn’t a kid, she was all woman, and a beaut at that, wearing nice designer shorts and top, and boasting a delicious tan.

We started chit chatting and before long she told me that she was divorced because her husband never had time for anything but work. I asked her if it wasn’t for her child playing, was she in to the sport. She actually told me she was a “soccer mom” in those words, and that it was a terrific way to meet guys. I was at first taken back by her comment. Next week, I’m meeting this mom-babe at the next game. I might even start to like the sport. I already know how to dribble! lol

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Social networking has become so very popular in today’s society. Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace and the various blog sites are amongst the most popular. People, unfortunately, put in more information than they should, and many problems can and do occur as a result. This also has a bearing on online dating sites. There is a rise in crime and stalking because individuals just write too darn much about themselves. Remember, this info can be retrieved and viewed by almost anyone with a computer and internet access.

Case in point, I read that a girl was on an online dating site and was emailed by a guy who seemed to show interest in her. Eventually, they met and he turned out to be a creep. But during their date, she told him her true name and phone number, as well as the area she lived. His later emails took a nasty turn, where he started to scare her. It turned out that with the info provided to him, he had all the information he needed. He began to stalk her. He would write emails to her describing the clothes she was wearing. At least she was quick headed. She called the police and he was arrested. Now that example was a bit extreme, but it did happen! In social sites like Facebook and MySpace, people give their whole life history, making it all to easy for evil minded people to prey on them. Come on people, use your head!
Why would you ever put that much personal information on a public site? But people do! And some pay the consequences.

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Almost every time I log on to an online dating site, I seem to see the same recurring question line from the female members. That being, “Are there any good men left?” I believe the answer is a big YES, there are! Now everybody has probably gotten burned in a relation. It’s just one of those things that occur in that thing we call, life.

Mostly, it is as a result of a bad past relationship. Perhaps the guy didn’t have money (a very common gripe with women) as they like to feel financially secure, perhaps he didn’t hold the door open for her (another common gripe), thereby failing in chivalry. Oh jeez, execute them right now!

But it is not always the males fault either. We would love to give you everything you want, but it is not always possible to do so. On ther other hand, why do all the women on these sites want to be treated like the princesses they think they are, or the one time the guy doesn’t hold the door open because may be something other than her was on his mind, he is instantly labeled.

Women seem way too quick to judge an individual man, let alone all men. Maybe when they stop believing that they are ultra special creatures to whom the guy has to be worthy, they will get more out of the relationship. Remember the saying, the more you want, the less you’ll get, and the same goes vice versa. So, to you ladies, there is something for you to think about!

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Lush-ous Women

Last night was boys night out. It is our gathering of only male friends, both married and single, who get together once a month for socializing, womanizing, and getting snookered! What we noticed was that women do the same thing. Not surprising though! What was funny was the way intoxicated women acted in public!

At the bar we went to, there were a group of women in their mid 40’s, who were having their girls night out. Within minutes of their arrival, we knew them to be mostly married, if you know what I mean!
The more they drank, the funnier and louder they got.

By their third round, they were totally smashed, and singing to the entire bar. By their fourth round, they were falling off the barstools, with one on the floor, and seemingly content to be there!
She was the funniest lush I ever encountered. She was also the loudest of the group and the most flirtatious.

What sticks in my mind most about this night out was one saying that she screamed out to the entire bar:
I’m married.. I drink triples till I see doubles, and I act like I’m single!
They were truly a lush-ous group of gals!

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