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Well, are they? That line has been around forever, so may be there is some truth to that statement. I wonder how the stereotype got its induction in to society. I suppose, regardless of how it started, it has endured. While I think men are programmed to react to blondes, from mild curiosity to outright ultimate in sexiness, a lot of it probably comes from advertisements. We always see the blondes getting the most handsome of guys, and are always portrayed as the sexy bombshells in the movies. But, it usually comes at a price. It is a double edged sword. Blondes can get an instant reputation as being dumb ditz’s. As with most reputations, once labeled, they are hard to remove. Marilyn Monroe was one, for example. She could have been a genius, but she got labeled!

Due to the fact that we live in a technological, visual world, we get bombarded by media trying to get a point across, or to make you buy a product, which greatly contributes to the “Blondes having more fun” mentality. It is a great advertising scheme for hair color treatments, beauticians, clothes designers, the movies. In other words, blondes sell, and so they are promoted to goddess class. We, being guys, have become conditioned to accept this! Take your average Joe on the street, and have 2 average Jane’s walk by, with one being dark haired, the other being blonde. Ask the guy to describe the dark haired girl versus the blonde, and see who gets more results.

Ok, I just can’t resist. My two favorite blonde lines:
“I’m a natural blonde, the carpet matches the drapes!” and
I’ve decided to go blonde, or I’ll dye trying!


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I don’t want to believe that all women are money hungry gold diggers. I don’t blame their moms from teaching them that “it is just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor one” and they accepting this pseudo reality, or that it is the root of all evil. But when it comes down to it, more relationships are destroyed because of lack of money. Understandable, but still a bit pathetic.

In todays world, if one partner doesn’t make enough, it is the obligation of the spouse to try to help out by, dare I say it, GET A JOB! It doesn’t have to be a full time, uber salary position. But it would help the situation out, be mentally stimulating(?), and being out of the house and feeling useful and productive to the greater wellbeing of the relationship.

All good things for harmony in the house. But many women have their butts pressed into the sofa every day, watching the soaps on TV, getting fat, waiting to be treated like princesses, and waiting for hubby to get home from work, in order to berate him of his financial shortcomings. This will cause nothing but relationship ruin, and probably end up in separation or divorce. Having a wife with attitudes as such, even if the man won the lottery, he would still be a broken man. She is who she is!

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More Christmas Fun


We got the tree into the house, still tied up with cord and began the ordeal of cutting the tree trunk to match the base we had. What a mess! Lol. What started off as an almost 9 foot tree was slowly being whittled down. By the time it fit into the base, it was a whopping 7 footer! But it looked nice in a corner of the living room. We then cut the cord binding it, but forgot to move it away from the corner. So, in an instant, the boughs spread out, hitting the wall, then toppling over. In its path to the ground, it hit the coffee table knocking over a dish with a million brown M&M’s in it.

Our carpet is also brown and they almost perfectly blended into it. It was just too funny for words. And that was good because at first I felt like saying a few “choice” words!!! So after a ten minute vacuuming, thus making the living room smell like a chocolate factory, we were done with the initial tree setup. Later we would dig out the lighting from the garage, yards and yards of lighting. I have to remember to check my fire insurance policy and Florida Power and Light! This year brought me a new gf, and so, it was decided that she decorate the tree, while I would decorate the house. So it was written, so shall it be! Yes, sometimes I am the boss of my house, not always, but sometimes.

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Living Together


For me, reality has finally set in. It has burned its way into my psyche. It is the realization that, at 56 years of age, I still don?t want to be married, although I have been engaged twice before in my life. Though I find nothing wrong with the premise of marriage, I have never found a girl that I wanted to see and be with till death due us part! It is probably a failing on my part, but it is the truth, my truth! I am completely comfortable with just having a girlfriend. In fact, my latest girlfriend and I are living together at my house. It is my way to see and experience ?marriage? without the formalities and legalities of the commitment.

The Realization?

I surmised that, after seeing an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, that maybe he had the right idea! He said that it is better to be with a person SOLELY because you WANT to be with that person, and not because of legalities. There would be no need or grounds for divorce, just a parting of ways. That was my realization, my epiphany, and Im sticking to it ! Thanks Gene for my enlightenment. Now if only my girlfriend felt that way! Lol

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The Power of a Woman


Women are such unique creatures. They have special powers:

1) they can get wet without water

2) they can bleed without injury

3) they can make boneless meat hard

4) they can make a man eat without cooking !

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I just got a call from my girlfriend. She had been waiting outside on a line, along with what she described as a block long procession of people, at a popular store. She has been there since 6:30 in the morning! Why, you ask? Because today is Black Friday, the day normally sane people leave early in the morning, and wait on long lines, to hopefully get presents for their loved ones, a month before giving them the gifts.

Alright, the savings can be great, and saving money in this economy is terrific. But she also said she was very cold waiting outside, and one wouldn’t dare leave the line for anything less than an emergency. But once the doors opened, chaos reigned supreme. She told me that no more than five minutes had passed since she started her present hunting, then a woman on an out of control shopping cart ran into her!

I kinda laughed at the visual taking place in my mind, but she was not in the mood for my sarcasm! Or anybody else’s for that matter! She told me the people shopping were like animals, pushing and shoving each other to find their special gifts, without regard for anyone! She also told me she was black and blue from that experience hence the name of this article!! But, like any dedicated shopper, she got what she set out to get…and unfortunately, a bit more than she had bargained for.!

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Pet Names for Humans


I HATE PET NAMES !!! No, not the stupid ones given to foo foo dogs. They are bad enough! It’s the ones given in a relationship as a term of endearment. I don’t like giving them nor do I like being called them! I can barely handle being called honey or dear or sweetie, let alone names like pookums or boo or pooh bear! Ich! Makes me feel like hurling. Too sweet sounding for my tastes! And as a guy, way too embarrassing when called that in public! OK, the truth comes out. It’s not really all that bad when one on one, in private, without other ears listening in! But for a guy, being called one of those sweet “endearing” pet names in public is outright humiliating! On the other hand, women being the emotional creatures that they are, eat it up! They love it, it’s so meaningful to them. The sweeter, the better! No wonder they get cavities!

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