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To that question posed, I answer with an emphatic YES. I am not knowledgeable in the art of financial security, but I know a bit about emotional security. I see relationships as an investment in the futures (a pun) of two people who have formed a bond (another pun), which hopefully will accrue in value (oy!) until it reaches maturity (pretty cheesy, huh!). I won’t get in to the return on investment (self explanatory!).
But relationships, that is, positive relationships, take time. They don’t happen overnight. If they do, it more than likely is a case of lust. I am a firm believer that for a good relationship to grow and mature, and maintain strong dividends, it has to be equal shares put in by both investors. That investment in a partnership can not be 50/50, instead it must continually be at an index of 100/100. This is an equitable and equal partnership.
While we always wish for a positive relationship, many factors have an affect such as availability, date of maturity versus expenditure, and being patient during periodic lulls in the market. Not everyone has the stamina to hold on to the bond during hard times, and walk away causing a lack of equity. It is those people who have the foresight to make things better, and stay the course under all circumstance, are the ones who profit the greatest.




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Alone Time

Relationships are great, especially when they are built upon love, desire and trust. You spend a lot of time with your significant other, go everywhere together, do everything together, and that is terrific and normal in a relationship. But even in the best relationships, each individual needs some “alone time” and that might be a crucial element in keeping the relations good and healthy.
Both guys and girls should encourage this time for each other. How many times have you wanted a “just the girls” night out, or the guys wanting to just hang with the boys? Or it can be as simple as saying to your partner, I want some “Me time”. If there is trust in each other, no doubts will occur in either’s mind. There would be no reason for it. In fact, it would probably make the bond even stronger, as both parties would get that “ball and chain” feeling. Everybody needs and deserves some alone time. It’s not a bad thing, it doesn’t mean something is wrong. People are born as individuals and have certain needs. Relationships are the bond between two people, so what is good for one also applies to the other.


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Will You Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day 2010 went off without a hitch. No squabbles, no fights, no massacre! A pleasant day spent with a pleasant person, lol. We started the day going out for breakfast, then a long walk along the beach with gentle waves as romantic background music. For the afternoon, we decided to hangout at her house. I helped her clean up the kitchen dishes, I helped with the laundry, and even folded her towels. I was attentive to her needs, and she really appreciated it. She responded by giving me the most sensual, soothing, and roughest massage that these old bones have ever witnessed. I was in relaxed muscle heaven.

Later that evening, I suggested we go out for a nice dinner. She sighed that what she would really wish is to make us a nice meal but unfortunately, she can’t cook! However, I most certainly can. So when I said that I would cook a fantastic meal, complete with wine, she was in love. What I found is that, although the proverbial box of chocolates, flowers and card is the norm for most guys, catering to your girl and doing for her means more than anything. Making it her day made her feel loved, and I enjoyed the day too!
However, I am happy that V-D marks the end of the relationship silly season.

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People still don’t get it! Some friends of mine run a very successful dating site and his number one complaint is the type and quality of the photos that his members upload to the site. He runs a well organized website and wants members to succeed in their quest for love and a relationship. But it is up to the members to want to make it happen.

All too often the same pattern emerges. First of all, you are looking to make a connection, so why use pictures of you and your friends in the photos you upload? A good dating site has employees who then have to crop out the other people resulting in an inferior photo. Since most sites allow 3 photos, the rule of thumb is use a close-up shot as your primary pic, followed by a full length, and ending with perhaps you in a vacation like setting. In all photos, show your face, don’t use masks, blackouts, or large sunglasses. You are trying to make a good visual representation of yourself. And try to avoid those bathroom mirror self portraits with your cellphone’s camera. Use a real camera, and have someone take your pix. That will go a long ways online! Girls, understand that guys are visual creatures, so a good pic is essential. And not one with your ex boyfriend as that is a major turnoff.

For the guys, yes, your car looks terrific, but you want a date with a girl, not Dale Earnhardt Jr. So many photos are submitted with full length car pix, that the guy looks tiny. Guys, you too are representing yourself, not the car. These same rules apply for men as well as women, that being, 1-face shot, 2-full length, and 3-scenic shot. And if you are going to submit a photo with your shirt off, you better have a good build, or women will just see that beer belly.

It all comes down to this…you get out what you put in to it.

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The translation of Friends with Benefits behavior is two people (friends or acquaintances) who get together expressly for a sexual encounter (the benefits!). There is no wining, there is no dining, flowers, or any of the spoils of a traditional emotionally centered relationship. It is a mutually beneficial, no strings attached affair from both standpoints. It is the quintessential booty call, but is devoid of feelings, although it can be a safe, drama free, no pressure experience.

Friends with benefits, under the right set of circumstances, and with the acceptance that comes from the lack of exclusivity, can prove to turn out quite well at least from the physical perspective. However, it quickly dissolves into obscurity, for the moment that one of the players expresses any “feelings” for the other, or when one has the desire for “exclusivity”! Friends with benefits can exist only on the physical aspect of a relationship, not the physical/emotional state of regular relationships. Therein lies the seductive nature of this affair. It is not a fling, as it may be part time or full time, and could possibly go on for a long span of time. You are but fu*k buddies. You hook up, casually sleep together, and then go about your business.

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While it is true that many older men enjoy the company of younger women, the fact that women today stay young looking a lot longer than their predecessors, makes them a hot commodity among younger guys. They possess a most desirable trait…experience.

To explore this ”phenomenon”, one must first know what the terms MILF and Cougar’s mean. MILF is an acronym for Mothers I’ld Like To Fu*k. While some may be presently married, and so potentially dangerous, it is the recently divorced ones that are prime targets to pursue! Cougars, on the other hand, are “more experienced” than MILF’s. In other words, she has been around the block a few times. She has EXPERIENCE. Usually, Cougars range in age from 40 years old and up, usually divorced but may never have been married, the predatory feline.

With women’s emancipation, came new freedoms to seek out, explore and enjoy. Honestly, both can be and are, very hot women. Younger guys are always at odds when dating girls of their own age. The girls want the guys to be “more” than they can be at their age. They want immediate change, and guys resent that. The guys, being visual creatures, see the older woman as totally exciting in nature. They cherish the fact that with age comes experience. It is a maturity that makes them so attractive. And they are women, not girls. They are not flowers blossoming, they are the flowers in full bloom. And older women nowadays are a far cry from women of yesteryear. I don’t know if it is genetics, cosmetic surgery, or damn good spa’s, but many of the women that fall in to this age group, far outshine their younger counterparts.

From the woman’s point of view, younger guys are exciting, carefree, and fun. And they have stamina and staying power, always a plus. And younger guys have the same effect as older men and younger women. They make good eye and arm candy!

MILF’s and Cougars are here to stay. It is a win-win attraction for both male and female.

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As much as alternate relationship lifestyles are becoming more and more commonplace and accepted in today’s society, gold diggers and sugar daddy’s have survived. In the present state of our economy, it has emerged stronger than ever. It might even be a product of economy. In the time of the California Gold Rush, circa 1800’s, the men packed up all they had and headed out west to seek their fortune, many times leaving their wives or family behind. It was not easy times, but the possibility of striking it rich was a distinct possibility. The men were actual gold diggers, that is, miners, panning for gold. It was those women who hung around the miners (for their money, obviously), that were coined gold diggers. In those days, times were rough for both men and women. People left everything, packed up, and headed out west to strike it rich! Many did, and like nowadays, where there is a rich man, there will be some shrewd, conniving female who wants a piece of it! And then again, in those days, women were more of a beauty depreciating asset, so they struck when the iron was hot, so to speak.

The modern definition of a gold digger is a woman who associates with or marries a rich man in order to get valuables from him through gifts or a divorce settlement. But the gold digger scenario is not a relationship, per se. It is a one sided affair specifically generated by the female to snare the rich male, to fleece him of his wealth for her own. As long as there are women in the world, a proportion of them will be strictly out for themselves. They couldn’t care less for the man, as long as he showers her with wealth and gifts, and wouldn’t hesitate to leave him the minute she gets cut off. She sees the man as a male ATM machine, and what’s in it for her.

Enter the Sugar daddy. This is a mutual relationship between a rich older man and a woman, usually a younger woman at that. The term sugar daddy is a modern variant of the word daddy. Daddy describing the age difference between the couple, and prefacing it with sugar, which is the gifts given. Hence the name, Sugar daddy! So, the modern definition of sugar daddy is that of a wealthy, usually older man who gives expensive gifts to someone much younger in return for companionship or sexual favors.


The biggest difference between a gold digger “relationship” and that of a sugar daddy is that, in the sugar daddy relationship, it is mutually beneficial to both parties concerned. The usually older man has wealth, and affluence which affords him all the luxuries, that life has to offer. A very attractive thing for a younger woman to experience. But sugar daddies have discriminating tastes. They will not be seen with a plain, ordinary, or below average girl. The sugar babe is almost always a young knockout, his eye and arm candy. She will always turn heads in a crowd! And she knows this to be true. She loves the lavish lifestyle, and is usually of higher maintenance than a male her age could ever afford. They have a unique, mutually beneficial relationship, one in which both sides know their roles, and in which they are both happy! In the true sugar daddy lifestyle, it is a totally win-win situation, as opposed to the gold digger who is interested in only her!

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