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After digging around the garage for awhile, I found the boxes labeled Christmas Stuff. I brought to her the balls, plastic red/white candy canes, garland, etc. I also found that the miles of Christmas lights looked like a tangled birds nest. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next few hours! Ugh. The heck with that, throw them out and buy new ones! Yeah, that’s the way to do it! An hour later, I was back at the house with many new strings of lights, red ones, white ones, blinking ones! Next step, grab the ladder and get it up to the roof. My house is a one story ranch, but I don’t like being on the roof edge. Anyways, I start looping the lights around the edging of the roof, put the icicles below them (it is so funny, icicles and we’re in Florida), and proceed to get my sore ass down to terra firma.

I have a couple of hundred feet of lighting left over, and so I decide to illuminate a 50 foot coconut palm that is in our front yard. Pretty good idea except I have a 20 foot ladder. So now we have a big palm tree with 20 feet of lights, and an empty top. I could try one of those Survivor man/Bear Grylls techniques I’ve seen on TV using my shoe laces tied, but at 56 years old…I think NOT ! I come back into the house, quite sore and achy. Girlfriend is wearing her red and white Christmas hat. She has decked out the tree which I must say looks great, and all by herself. What’s better is she just opened a bottle of Baileys Irish of which we intend to polish off. She also gives me a terrific massage, which is much appreciated. I think I’ll keep her for a while! Lol

As much as I enjoy this holiday, I’m glad it is only once a year, my back couldn’t handle it! Time for libation. Ciao.


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The Law Of Attraction

While my education was primarily business oriented, I did minor in psychology. To me they went hand in hand. It also works in the law of attraction between a man and a woman. There is a definite psychology process there. If we all saw things the same way, we’ld all be “hooked up”. But we are all different, especially between the genders! I believe men are from Mars, women are from Venus as quoted from Dr. John Gray’s bestseller. We must be or dating and relationships would be a simple thing to achieve. We all look for the same thing…love.. but go about it through a totally different set of criteria.

Guys are more physical and visual than most women. It’s a primal sexual sense. Upon first encounter, you see her, you “check her out”, before there is any verbal communication. She does the same, but it takes less time for her before she switches to the female emotional state. Women more quickly ponder the ramifications of dating this guy. If she’s interested, she will quickly use her female wiles to systematically “test” the male by seductively asking him a myriad of questions like, Am I pretty?, Tell me of your last relationship, How many lovers have you had? It is within the answers given that can make it a dealmaker or deal breaker. Yes, the chemistry has to be there.

That physical attraction which initially bonds two people together. But that attraction is only one part of the total equation. So, now your eyes have met, you “passed” her entrance exam, you are deemed eligible and worthy. You are still far from being in a relationship. Every individual has wants and desires, even wanton desires, along with what is and isn’t expected of them.



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I travel constantly for business, so one time I decided to mix business with pleasure. I had to go to England to meet with representatives of a corporation my firm might buy out. Normally, this is fairly cut and dry. I meet the reps, go out for a meal, discuss the options, see a bit of nightlife and end up in my hotel room till it’s time to leave. But not this time. I went online to see what was “available” in the area of England I was going to be in. That’s where I saw Elizabeth. A born and bred marmite eating British lass. Her pic was fantastic and her profile even better! But would she like me? I sent her the customary WINK and Hotlist, and hoped for her reply.

I was happily surprised to get a reply two days later from her, and that she really liked my profile. Phew, what a relief! Now started the electronic banter between us, the digital getting to know you phase of dating. We hit it off quite well although she used some terms that quite frankly, I had to google. The English have such a nice use of words. I told her when and where I was going to be there, and if she would like to meet me and show me the town. Our free time meshed and we decided to set a time and day. To make a long story short, it all went well, and there is nothing like exploring a country with someone who lives there. We became good friends. Gone are the days of traditional pen pals using, dare I say it, pen and paper, and waiting for international snail mail to deliver it. 24/7 online communication. Gotta love it !!



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Not that the cost of dating is of concern to me, I can see it as a heavy burden for many men. I mean, let’s face it, that first date won’t go very far if you take her to McDonald’s. Not that you have to take her to a 5 Star, but most women want to be treated royally, and most men want to impress. So there’s the conundrum! Women like to be wined and dined! For those of you men who are still doing speed dating, this can be of major concern! Glad I got past that stage of my life. I was lucky to have been born into “existing money”, but that didn’t stop my parents from making me learn and appreciate it. I truly believe that men and women should date within their economic means.
Does money make it better? I won’t necessarily say better, but it allows for diversification. It’s simple math, a burger, a beer and a movie will cost less than a Porterhouse, a glass of Cabernet, and a Broadway play! Either way, a few times a month, and you’re working just to be able to date ! As I get older, I find that I would rather explore one girl that I’m interested in, and pursue her than look for my next conquest. I guess knowing what you are looking for and the potential places to find that one girl, aids in making that connection.



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South Beach Encounter

Not to seem narcissistic, but I have a well toned, fit body, and am considered handsome. At 55 and 6’1, I can still compete with the best of the younger set. It is said that, “with age comes wisdom”. That reminds me of a business vacation last year to South Beach in The Sunshine State. I was staying at the Delano Hotel, and upon completing a board meeting, decided to take a stroll along Ocean Drive. The women were all beautiful, well tanned and hardbodied.
I watched this girl doing the most amazing maneuvers on rollerblades. After eyeballing her for about 10 minutes, we fixed gazes and I smiled, and struck up a conversation. Her name was Carol, a 5’8″ vixen. Blue eyes, blond hair, and a body meant to impress…I was !!
We talked for awhile, and to my surprise, she was highly intelligent. Yes, there are blondes with brains! She was finishing up her MBA and was hoping to land a position in some high end organization. She was 24 at the time, and my thoughts were racing. All of my support personnel were women, smart women, women I have dated. do you see a pattern emerging! lol That reminds me of the Godfather…”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”! I’m extremely lucky they are all my friends. I guess I love and trust my women! haha
Being a bit of a sugar daddy, along with having a good education, has worked for me in both my social and work life. I find meeting women to be a fairly easy thing to do. I have my criteria though, certain standards so to speak. She must be of tone body and sound mind. And have an education. The encounters are random, but the settings are semi disciplined.
Since I can afford the better things in life, those places I frequent, dictates the “type” of women I meet. Let’s face it, affluence has its merits. Not that women picked up in a bar aren’t nice, but in my social network, and because of my position, the places I go to have a direct bearing as to the “quality” of woman I meet.
The saying goes that “it is just as easy to meet a rich man as a poor man”. It’s true from a mans point of view also. I need to be with a woman who enjoys and appreciates those better things in life. I disdain from those who think they are princesses and deserve that better life. Appreciation for is not the same as deserving. I’m wealthy, but not an ATM machine!







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So here I am at work, Executive VP of a multi million dollar corporation, 55 years old, born with the proverbial silver spoon, with plenty of money and too much time on my hands! Never married, no baggage. What a life! Not ! Sure I’ve been all over the world but
I’m missing something. I’ve dated but have never found the “right one”. I’ve been a sugar daddy for most of my life, and at this juncture in my life, dating has become more difficult, a surrealistic nightmare. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.



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