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Well, she did it! She said she was going to, but being a skeptic, I didn’t believe her. No, not Kim Kardashian, but my girl! And I am so pleased she did so. It started off a month ago, during dinner. She nonchalantly asked me, would you love me as a blonde? I told her I would love her with any color hair (except green, blue, or pink!) and didn’t think any more about it. Less than a week later, she called me on the cell. There was trepidation in her voice I could tell. I asked her what was wrong upon which she answered, “I hope you like a blonde”! That got me thinking, gee, would it make any difference to me? It’s not my hair, it’s hers to do whatever she likes to it. “Oh, and I got it cut short.. very short” too. You have to understand, she had long, dark brown hair flowing half way down her back. That was the only way I knew her. Now I started getting nervous about it!

Initially, all that came out of my mouth was, “How short”? “Very short” was her reply. I actually gasped at the thought! I think the shock of that got to me. “So, when are you coming over to see it? How about…now“! I said alright and headed out to her house. I convinced myself that if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t say so figuring it would grow back in time and she could always dye it back.

I get to her house, actually feeling anxious as to “who” will welcome me. My brain had a mindset of long dark hair and I was about to tread on new grounds with her. The world of blondeness! So, I sheepishly knock on the door, take a deep breath, and close my eyes! The door opens, she laughs at my scrunched up face and closed eyes, and gives me a kiss.
It was during that kiss that I opened my eyes, and I’m so glad I did! She looked great, no, better than great, she looked fabulous! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She glowed with her sunny new color and short doo. The amazing thing was it boosted her confidence and my..err…it boosted us both!. She became assertive, super sexy and sultry, happy with herself. I was very happy with herself too! May be it is true that blondes do have more fun.

So, what do you think ?
Hey baby, No time to think. Lets hit the sheets !


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Well, are they? That line has been around forever, so may be there is some truth to that statement. I wonder how the stereotype got its induction in to society. I suppose, regardless of how it started, it has endured. While I think men are programmed to react to blondes, from mild curiosity to outright ultimate in sexiness, a lot of it probably comes from advertisements. We always see the blondes getting the most handsome of guys, and are always portrayed as the sexy bombshells in the movies. But, it usually comes at a price. It is a double edged sword. Blondes can get an instant reputation as being dumb ditz’s. As with most reputations, once labeled, they are hard to remove. Marilyn Monroe was one, for example. She could have been a genius, but she got labeled!

Due to the fact that we live in a technological, visual world, we get bombarded by media trying to get a point across, or to make you buy a product, which greatly contributes to the “Blondes having more fun” mentality. It is a great advertising scheme for hair color treatments, beauticians, clothes designers, the movies. In other words, blondes sell, and so they are promoted to goddess class. We, being guys, have become conditioned to accept this! Take your average Joe on the street, and have 2 average Jane’s walk by, with one being dark haired, the other being blonde. Ask the guy to describe the dark haired girl versus the blonde, and see who gets more results.

Ok, I just can’t resist. My two favorite blonde lines:
“I’m a natural blonde, the carpet matches the drapes!” and
I’ve decided to go blonde, or I’ll dye trying!

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