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The new girl that I am seeing turns out to be what is termed buy-sexual! Until recently, I had never heard such a term coined. But she is definitely one!
It started early in our relationship. We had a few dates but had not had sex yet. We decided to go to the mall to do some shopping. Actually, I was just being polite as I hate mall shopping, but we were in the early stages of a romance, so I went along for the ride!

Up until that day, she was not the most touchy, romantic type of woman I had previously enjoyed in girlfriends. But all that changed in a heartbeat. She was looking at some earrings at one of the stores. She was looking at hundreds of them, actually about 10, but there were 2 in particular, that she seemed to favor.

Growing a bit impatient, I said to her, get them both! She retorted that they were twenty dollars each pair. She decided not to buy even one pair, though I knew she really liked them a lot. I saw the disappointment on her face. So, when she tried on a dress, I went back to the store with the earrings, and bought it for her.

When I showed them to her, she became the most loving, wild, ecstatic girl I had ever known. That night, we had our first sex session. It hit me that it was the gift that really turned her on!
Since then, we had sex every time I bought her a gift!
Well, a guy pays for it anyways, I suppose.

She did however, have multiple storegasms !!!


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Closet Shopping

This article is written for all of you women who constantly complain that they can not find a thing to wear. I believe that it is not that you don’t have clothes, or accessories, or enough shoes to wear, but just a desire to shop and buy MORE! You may call it retail therapy but you just like to buy fashionable items to wear.
And there is nothing wrong with that.. up to a point.

Women like fashion, they like to look good. But how much good stuff is locked up in your closet(s)?
There is probably a treasure trove of wearable’s, hidden, and probably forgotten, in the dark recesses of your closet, just waiting to see the light of day.

Since fashions always seem to change, only to re emerge later, why not go closet shopping? I mean, it can’t be that hard to do!
You might actually find there is clothing that you really like in there, and the best part is that they are always in your size, always in stock, and already paid for! lol

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