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Sometimes I get nostalgic about my younger, glory days of single dating. There was no such thing as online dating, in fact, when I was in my late teens/early 20’s, there was no internet! To find a girl for a date, you had to do some legwork, not click a button to see a profile(s) and type an initial email. Oh yea, also no such thing as email! Lol. Now we live in the 21st century, techno immediate gratification world where it is all too simple. There is such a plethora (I like that word!) of faces to view online, from all over the world, a real smorgasbord of looks, shapes and sizes, that even if you get virtually rejected, there is no pain. You easily can just move on to the next!

In the old days you were basically limited to your area’s bars, clubs, markets, whatever. If you lived in more rural areas, your chances of successfully meeting some one new and exciting were severely diminished. But still people found a way to do so. They made it work, they had no other options. They had to work with the situations presented to them. They went to fairs and festivals, and other social events.

People have gotten lazy in dating, and the social graces. They don’t speak, they text on the fly, they don’t write letters, they eMail. They don’t put in the time and effort, but they do know how to press click and delete.

Oh, the good ole days!


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Living Together


For me, reality has finally set in. It has burned its way into my psyche. It is the realization that, at 56 years of age, I still don?t want to be married, although I have been engaged twice before in my life. Though I find nothing wrong with the premise of marriage, I have never found a girl that I wanted to see and be with till death due us part! It is probably a failing on my part, but it is the truth, my truth! I am completely comfortable with just having a girlfriend. In fact, my latest girlfriend and I are living together at my house. It is my way to see and experience ?marriage? without the formalities and legalities of the commitment.

The Realization?

I surmised that, after seeing an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, that maybe he had the right idea! He said that it is better to be with a person SOLELY because you WANT to be with that person, and not because of legalities. There would be no need or grounds for divorce, just a parting of ways. That was my realization, my epiphany, and Im sticking to it ! Thanks Gene for my enlightenment. Now if only my girlfriend felt that way! Lol

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Alright, it is November a month to go before Christmas. Now starts the shopping for gifts anxieties to rear its ugly head. A time when couples try to figure out the right gifts to give one another. Whether male or female, you want to give that special someone, something that they will use, like, and appreciate. When in a relationship for a while, and having a few holiday seasons under your belt, you can usually read your partner to the point of knowing what he or she would like. It is said that the gift is in the giving, but if you give the wrong gift, or a gift not wanted, you will know it by the responses you get!

A gift that just doesn’t make it can be compared to the look of a child’s face who wished for an Xbox and got a DVD disk instead. On the other hand, is it better to ask in advance what your partner would like, within reason, and get them exactly what they like? I know, this way takes all of the fun out of not knowing what the gift is, but it can also prevent major disappointment. With couples experiencing their first Christmas together, the relationship is so new that anything goes, and spontaneity still rules. I personally like the idea of surprise in giving and getting. But sometimes, I wish I was asked!!!

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My answer is NO, Nada, Absolutely NOT. But it seems to be human nature to try to do so! Women loooove to “try” to change their guy into their own image of perfection. Face it, all ye womenfolk out there, admit it! Your sole or soul mission in a relationship, is to try to change the guy. Instead, why not put the time in to trying to understand him, instead of changing him. He, or she, is who they are. Whatever the “qualities” that the person displays, if not harmful or mean, is what makes them who they are. Trying to change that, is to change the person. It is just Wrong!


People, (especially women) try to do it from the moment that the relationship starts, only to find out that it has to be incorporated into the very fibers of that being to take place. It rarely happens. What does happen is that the male grows resentful, agitated, and short fused. And why not, he is being neutered. There is the old adage that “a leopard can’t change its spots”. It shouldn’t have to, and can’t! It’s what makes it a leopard.

To wrap it up, we have to change our own behavior, not our partners.

It is OUR responsibility to make the change in order to be comfortable with the other. It is up to us to accept that behavior, not change the other person to suit OUR needs and wishes!


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