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First off, no body should have to take abuse, especially in a relationship, but they do. Also, the word abuse is a general term as there are varying degrees of and different types of! But in the end abuse is abuse. It affects us just the same. And yet, many people put up with it, for their own personal reasons. Verbal abuse or physical abuse, sometimes or always, or in any combination. It doesn’t matter, it is wrong nonetheless! And yet people put up with it, and for long periods of time. It defies all logic. At least to me it does.

A classic example is my girlfriends girlfriend. Her boyfriend demeans her at every opportunity, and many times in public. He demonstrates verbal abuse but I have a feeling it goes further than that. I won’t bring it up with her unless she says it to me directly or I see it. But God help him if I ever do!!! I have zero tolerance for that. The point is, she stays with him and has for at least 5 years. WHY? Why would a person put up with that? That is the question that I am posing to all women/men who are reading this post. Is it insecurity or security? Fear or denial?

I can’t fathom it, but know it should not happen nor should it be allowed to happen or tolerated.


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