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Sometimes I get nostalgic about my younger, glory days of single dating. There was no such thing as online dating, in fact, when I was in my late teens/early 20’s, there was no internet! To find a girl for a date, you had to do some legwork, not click a button to see a profile(s) and type an initial email. Oh yea, also no such thing as email! Lol. Now we live in the 21st century, techno immediate gratification world where it is all too simple. There is such a plethora (I like that word!) of faces to view online, from all over the world, a real smorgasbord of looks, shapes and sizes, that even if you get virtually rejected, there is no pain. You easily can just move on to the next!

In the old days you were basically limited to your area’s bars, clubs, markets, whatever. If you lived in more rural areas, your chances of successfully meeting some one new and exciting were severely diminished. But still people found a way to do so. They made it work, they had no other options. They had to work with the situations presented to them. They went to fairs and festivals, and other social events.

People have gotten lazy in dating, and the social graces. They don’t speak, they text on the fly, they don’t write letters, they eMail. They don’t put in the time and effort, but they do know how to press click and delete.

Oh, the good ole days!


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To all of you readers out there in the blogosphere, the ones who have joined online dating sites, now or in the past, a question posed to you. How many of you, male or female, have told the truth on their profiles, or just slightly embellished on it, or outright embellished your profile to the point that it isn’t even you? That many !! I’m not really that surprised. Let’s face it, this is cyberspace, where you can be “all that you can be” or be “all that you want to portray yourself to be”. The guys always seem to write in their profiles of how physical they are (yet they send photos with their bellies hanging out), jobs they don’t possess, or salaries they only wish for! OK, the male logic is that the women will think, hey, I have a good job, am financially secure, so I’m perceived as stable, and single.

The women are no better than the men in regards to their profiles. Their pictures are usually 5 years old or older with the always obligatory bathroom mirror shot, to hide the fact that they have aged (well, in my case, the upper 40 and lower 50 year olds) have met with the pull of gravity! To the female psyche, her older photos make her believe she will be more desirable to the viewing public. She’s right also! Except that once we get past the online hype, and have to meet on a physical playing ground, all the embellished BS will quickly fade to obscurity. Tell the truth on your online profiles, and meet the one who whom you can be honest with from the beginning. Those are the relationships that endure!

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Serial Online Daters


I admit to being an off again on again online dating site user. When I’m in a relationship, these sites do not exist for me, but are nice when I’m not! I was talking recently to a friend who had joined a few of the numerous online dating sites. I was surprised when he showed me the same 4 girls he was interested in, on four different sites. They each had the same usernames, profiles, and pictures! They are known as the serial dater, maximizing their chances of scoring a date with the “one” through sheer numbers! Actually, it is quite clever. The more you’re out there, the more the likelihood of meeting someone. But come on, jumping from one profile to another becomes exhausting after a while, and doing it from multiple sites can become a full time job! I’m sure the guys do the same thing, except they are probably seen as stalkers!

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(and I am a Material Girl).

This one is for the guys. Ever check out online dating sites? Take any dating site and start reading womens profiles who are in the 20-40 year age range. I can guarantee that well over 50% of them are looking to be spoiled, spoiled like the princesses that the think they are! Now there is nothing wrong with the guy giving presents to his girlfriend. Flowers, a card, and chocolates used to suffice as did nice dinners, a show, etc.

Now women make demands. It has truly become a material world. Women are bolder, more assertive, and demanding. They know what they want, but think they deserve it. Now there is nothing wrong with women looking for a sugar daddy. They say that they are looking for their knight in shining armor, but seem to want a human ATM. It has become a one sided, what can you do for me, world.
Madonna, you are such a trouble maker ! lol.

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