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During the silly season (Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day), more people are out and about, either looking or shopping, whatever. So the likelihood of running into your ex increases tremendously. Such happened this weekend. My girlfriend (present) and another couple were doing a little Christmas shopping. We were at the Mall getting pushed and shoved by the crowds, and decided to go see a movie there to kill some time and avoid the masses. We sit down and start to watch the movie. Being dark in the theater we obviously can’t see who else is there, nor were we looking to see. Not more than 15 minutes into the picture, my friends girlfriend gets rigid, then livid. Her boyfriend quietly whispers to her, “what’s wrong”? She tells him to be quiet. It turns out her ex boyfriend is sitting in the row in front of us with his new girlfriend.

Although she was trying to remain cool, calm, and collected (we were cracking up!), she was uncomfortable. She asked if we could go to another movie in the theater. We didn’t care as we were just killing time. So, we all got up and left to see a different show. We found 4 seats in a row in the dark, and seated ourselves. Not more than 15 minutes again had elapsed when my girlfriend had that same look on her face. To her I asked, what’s the matter. She told me my ex girlfriend was sitting in the row behind us. I said, soooo? It made her uncomfortable, she said. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, we started kissing (loudly) and put on a show, hoping that my ex would see. Apparently she did, for soon she got up and left!

You just can’t make up this sht!!! Reality rocks!


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Have you ever gotten caught by your partner doing something morally wrong. I mean CAUGHT, hook, line and sinker? I hope not, but with relationships as fragile as they are, it has become increasingly clear that the moral fibers that one bound these relationships, has deteriorated by a large degree. We live in a society of immediate gratification. If that immediate gratification is not met, (immediately), peoples morals wander.

This article came as a result of an experience of my girlfriends, friend. Apparently, my girlfriends friend was doing some shopping at a mall this past Saturday. Her boyfriend said he really didn’t wish to go with her (used the old Guyz hate shopping in malls routine), and that he would find something else to do. So his girlfriend leaves and goes about her business. Later, while still at the mall shopping, she passes a restaurant, and decides to get a bite to eat. And who do you think she saw? Yup, her boyfriend. Actually, her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend, sitting together and acting quite inappropriately. I give her credit, though. As hurt as she was, she did not want to create a public spectacle. She positioned herself to be able to observe, without being seen.

To make this story short, she went home and got there before he did. She coyly asked him how his day went. He instantly retorted, “I didn’t do anything of any consequence“. She said, oh really, then you won’t mind explaining to me what you were doing in the same mall as I with your ex girlfriend. He apparently got all red, and flustered, and started explaining more than he should have, as a desperate measure. He was BUSTED…Caught..hook, line and sinker.

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