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So, this past weekend my girlfriend and I decided to look for the perfect tree! We decided that this year we would like to have a real tree, one that smells piney fresh, and actually looks alive? I haven’t had a real Christmas tree in many years, mostly because of the hassle in picking it up, and later disposing of it. But this year, a real one it would be! We decided to stop off at a local market that was selling trees under a canopy in the parking lot. I had totally forgotten how many types of trees there were.

There were spruce trees, pine trees, fir trees, green ones, white ones, blue-green ones, whatever. We live in Florida, I know from palm trees (hmmm, a Christmas palm tree!). I spoke briefly to the salesperson who knew about trees as much as I do…not too much! So, when it came right down to it, I told my girlfriend to pick out the prettiest one she wanted as long as it would fit in the SUV, and not be taller than 8 feet so as not to hit the ceiling. This is where my girlfriend is good. She doesn’t care about the type of tree, or which one lasts the longest. She just picked the one that called out to her, and smelled pretty. And a pretty good choice at that! So we told the salesperson to tie it up, paid for it, and it was ours! Soon the fun would begin.


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