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silly season

Well, it’s starting to affect me again. The end of October and next month, Thanksgiving. The start of the silly season, a period of time in which emotions can run rampant with highs and lows until after Valentines Day. I’m feeling the blues! No girlfriend right now to share in the festivities of the upcoming holidays.

I don’t mind not having Thanksgiving dinner (as I dislike turkey!), but then comes Christmas, and that will put me in to a tailspin. I love to give gifts to a girlfriend, and this year will not have the opportunity I feel. Of course, I have been a very good boy, so may be Santa will give me one? If he does, he better not look for a chimney.. I live in Florida! LOL.

Next, comes the two holidays that are the worst when not in a relationship. Spending New Years Eve without female companionship basically sucks, and in February, there is Valentines Day to contend with! Yes indeed, the 2009-2010 Silly Season, will not be a happy one for this author. However, I will have almost a year to make restitution!


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Alright, it is November a month to go before Christmas. Now starts the shopping for gifts anxieties to rear its ugly head. A time when couples try to figure out the right gifts to give one another. Whether male or female, you want to give that special someone, something that they will use, like, and appreciate. When in a relationship for a while, and having a few holiday seasons under your belt, you can usually read your partner to the point of knowing what he or she would like. It is said that the gift is in the giving, but if you give the wrong gift, or a gift not wanted, you will know it by the responses you get!

A gift that just doesn’t make it can be compared to the look of a child’s face who wished for an Xbox and got a DVD disk instead. On the other hand, is it better to ask in advance what your partner would like, within reason, and get them exactly what they like? I know, this way takes all of the fun out of not knowing what the gift is, but it can also prevent major disappointment. With couples experiencing their first Christmas together, the relationship is so new that anything goes, and spontaneity still rules. I personally like the idea of surprise in giving and getting. But sometimes, I wish I was asked!!!

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