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My answer is NO, Nada, Absolutely NOT. But it seems to be human nature to try to do so! Women loooove to “try” to change their guy into their own image of perfection. Face it, all ye womenfolk out there, admit it! Your sole or soul mission in a relationship, is to try to change the guy. Instead, why not put the time in to trying to understand him, instead of changing him. He, or she, is who they are. Whatever the “qualities” that the person displays, if not harmful or mean, is what makes them who they are. Trying to change that, is to change the person. It is just Wrong!


People, (especially women) try to do it from the moment that the relationship starts, only to find out that it has to be incorporated into the very fibers of that being to take place. It rarely happens. What does happen is that the male grows resentful, agitated, and short fused. And why not, he is being neutered. There is the old adage that “a leopard can’t change its spots”. It shouldn’t have to, and can’t! It’s what makes it a leopard.

To wrap it up, we have to change our own behavior, not our partners.

It is OUR responsibility to make the change in order to be comfortable with the other. It is up to us to accept that behavior, not change the other person to suit OUR needs and wishes!



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