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You’ve survived your 20’s, filled with conquests and prizes, completed your 30’s with the notions of true love and soul mate, had your midlife crisis in your early 40’s , and guess what, now you’re a born again virgin. You have the mindset of the aforementioned ages, with a body, if not well preserved from exercise or alcohol, of a midlifer. Women get cellulite, their breasts sag, and their waistline increases. Men get potbellied and start to lose their hair, and know the correct dosage of VIAGRA !


“So I’m losing my hair, but I’m getting more head”

There are some advantages to dating in your 40’s. The older man wants to have the younger girl. He doesn’t know what to do with her, but he wants her. A primal urge, an unfulfilled fantasy. Funny thing is, it seems nowadays, that younger women prefer older men. Maybe they see security in an older gent, could be older guys don’t play the “games” of youth, perhaps it is that they are now established and know their place in the world, or just have more available cash! You have the “experience” factor. Been there..done that! Seen it all.

If it’s true that knowledge is power, you can wield that power to your advantage. In other words, you can get away with murder. Murder as an adjective, not a verb! And if you do something deemed too silly or adolescent, you can always blame it on premature dementia. The thing is you are never too old to date, and never too old to love. Remember, us older people need love too.



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