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Have you ever been caught up in a situation where jealousy, that green eyed monster rears its ugly head? Most people unfortunately have experienced this at some time in their lives. And no one relishes being in such a position, or as the recipient. Jealousy is not necessarily a female concept. It rears its head to males also. It crosses both genders, but I think that women have a higher susceptibility towards it, as they are more emotionally driven than men.

Sayings like, I’m jealous of her, she’s jealous of him, are all too common terms.
They are feelings and expressed emotions … very strong feelings and emotions!
Jealousy is a complex reaction to a certain set of emotional thoughts and behaviors which manifest themselves outwardly, hence the term green eyed monster or green with envy.

How can jealousy affect a relationship? It can influence a couple in a positive way if it is just mild jealousy. It can influence you to do better, to act as a form of competition. In this instance, if both the couple are competitive by nature, mild jealousy can be a good thing. It can, however, destroy that relationship. When the jealousy becomes too strong, it becomes a ticking time bomb, eventually exploding into shards of angry jaded shrapnel. Jealousy can and does bring out the worst in people. The solution therefore is open COMMUNICATION before it gets totally out of hand. Communication is required from BOTH sides with lots of understanding and patience, as the feelings can be quite intense. Remember, it takes two to tango!


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Affluence on Common Ground

How simply marvelous it would be if both the guy and the girl were on the same page, in terms of affluence. Money, or lack of it, is of major concern when in a relationship. If the guy has money, and the girl doesn’t, it is ok since the man likes to have that control, and feels good in the process by being able to take her to nice places, which she appreciates. But if the girl is the breadwinner, she will, by her nature, soon tire of providing for the man. It rarely goes both ways.

But when people of affluence get together, it is whole new ballgame.
People of affluence, whether obtained by hard work, or by inheritance, can live in the world, not bothered by the realities of bills, food, rent, etc., like most of us poor mortals do! They can indulge comfortably in life’s pleasures without the worries of, if it is affordable, or how will I ever pay for it. That gives them a certain freedom that few of us will ever know.

Usually, affluent people go to better schools, thus having a better education. This helps them to appreciate things the average person doesn’t. It doesn’t make them any better, but it does provide the opportunity. For example, I have a boat, they have a yacht. I eat a burger, they eat filet mignon. I went to community college, they went to Harvard. All things equal, we have the same things, but we have to be aware of our expenditures. The affluent do not have to deal with this concern.

Affluent couples live their lives on another plane of existence. They travel in circles of other affluent people, the wealthy, the captains of industry, the leaders of society. Those people whose word have meaning. If it sounds like I am jealous… I guess I am!

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