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I am curious as to who dates on the rebound more, guys or gals. While the initial breakup and following week(s) hurts both equally, who is quicker to start dating sooner? I know that I, after about a week, sans girlfriend, gets a little voice in my head saying, get off your ass and start looking! Truth be known, it is just a thought, but in a weird way, a comforting one. It provides a glimmer of hope, a dim light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, a possible future. But, in all honesty, I just can’t get back on the horse right after a breakup. It usually takes me a month or two just to be the flirty guy I am! What I’m saying is that I don’t date on the rebound, it’s not in my nature to do so. This is probably because I am always selective in whom I make a girlfriend.

This being said, because I have/(had) feelings for the girl, it takes time to heal the emotional wounds that were inflicted. But many people are the type who can get right back on the horse after being thrown. They are rebound daters. Unfortunately, it is the people that they meet soon after a break up, that get hurt or used. They are on the ass end of the horse, and you know what comes out that end! Lol

Those on the other side want love, caring, a possible relationship. But they are also a whipping post in those relations. They have to listen to the others reasons and justifications for breakup, along with all the hostilities that they become burdened with.

Breakups are rough on both sides, if they had any meaning. In time the wounds heal enough that people are on the mend. Once this occurs, “normal” dating can resume.


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Dream Girls


In our never ending quest to be happy, many men spend a great deal of time and effort searching for their ideal woman. Knowing what type of female we are attracted to is not all that difficult but knowing where to find such a person can be very frustrating indeed. What it all boils down to is being in the right place at the right time, and knowing what to do and how to act accordingly! Basically timing and action.

The first place that comes to mind in an attempt to find a dream girl would be the dance clubs and bars. Going out to a night club can be lots of fun especially if you are a good dancer, but it can also be intimidating if you are shy and do not like crowds. And potentially embarrassing if you don’t know how to dance.

Bars are another option but if you’re not much of a drinker, you probably won’t have a very good time and do you really think you will find your dream girl in a bar? A girl, yea, but your dream girl? .. probably not! The bar scene though is a good place to explore, but it is more ideally suited for younger people, those guys and gals who are in their 20’s who are first learning about the art of dating, and for men who are going through the “conquer” stage. A few glasses of vodka and everyone is ideal! Till the next day! lol

The beach can be a great place to meet women if you are not bashful about approaching a total stranger half naked. Even if you are unable to connect with an attractive female, at least you can work on your tan while enjoying the outdoors. Of course, being half naked and having an overhanging beer belly is not condusive to picking up a pretty girl.

Supermarkets can be another way of meeting someone but a guy can look very foolish hanging out in front of the produce section with a big smile on his face hoping for the right woman to walk by. However, this option can work if you are a divorced male with a totally bewildered look on his face, and gets the sympathy and compassion of a similarly divorced female. Kind of like a pity pickup! Lol

Going to parties or some kind of social gathering can be a great way to meet people if you have the good fortune of being invited to such an event. Parties can be lots of fun and you never know who you might run into it. But in these situations you must be bold, show confidence, be assertive. Or, look for the wallflowers and just strike up a conversation. It works!! The main thought to keep in mind is that your ideal female is out there but she isn’t coming to you. You have to make the effort to find her.

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After digging around the garage for awhile, I found the boxes labeled Christmas Stuff. I brought to her the balls, plastic red/white candy canes, garland, etc. I also found that the miles of Christmas lights looked like a tangled birds nest. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next few hours! Ugh. The heck with that, throw them out and buy new ones! Yeah, that’s the way to do it! An hour later, I was back at the house with many new strings of lights, red ones, white ones, blinking ones! Next step, grab the ladder and get it up to the roof. My house is a one story ranch, but I don’t like being on the roof edge. Anyways, I start looping the lights around the edging of the roof, put the icicles below them (it is so funny, icicles and we’re in Florida), and proceed to get my sore ass down to terra firma.

I have a couple of hundred feet of lighting left over, and so I decide to illuminate a 50 foot coconut palm that is in our front yard. Pretty good idea except I have a 20 foot ladder. So now we have a big palm tree with 20 feet of lights, and an empty top. I could try one of those Survivor man/Bear Grylls techniques I’ve seen on TV using my shoe laces tied, but at 56 years old…I think NOT ! I come back into the house, quite sore and achy. Girlfriend is wearing her red and white Christmas hat. She has decked out the tree which I must say looks great, and all by herself. What’s better is she just opened a bottle of Baileys Irish of which we intend to polish off. She also gives me a terrific massage, which is much appreciated. I think I’ll keep her for a while! Lol

As much as I enjoy this holiday, I’m glad it is only once a year, my back couldn’t handle it! Time for libation. Ciao.

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Silence is Golden


While in a relationship, aren’t there times when you just wish to hear NOTHING! Just some peace and quiet is all you desire. Desire it may be, but ever try to get that in a relationship? Pretty near impossible! With me, the chances of that happening are less than slim to none. My girlfriend is a yacker, a motor mouth. Her vocal cords get utilized the moment she wakes up until she goes to sleep! It’s not like I don’t want her to speak, duh!, but there are times that I am talked out, and just want my world to be on mute for a while! But she doesn’t understand that…except when it is she that wants it quiet and serene!
So my solution to this is quite simple:

Silence is golden
Duct tape is silver

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The way to a mans heart


It is said that an excellent way for a woman to please her guy is through a good, home cooked meal. I happen to agree with that statement! I’m attracted to her for her looks, her mind, and her culinary expertise in the kitchen. I mean that sincerely. I happen to be an excellent chef in my own rights. And so, having a girlfriend who is quite adept in epicurial delights, makes for a happy ME! It’s also kind of fun with both of us making something to eat together, a team effort so to speak. Along with a bit of competition and food fights! Lol For me, this is a very important part of the relationship. It’s not that I eat a heck of a lot, but I do like to eat good homemade food! So, a way to this mans heart is through his stomach. If she can’t cook worth a damn, the way to HER heart is through her ribcage. hehehe

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My answer is NO, Nada, Absolutely NOT. But it seems to be human nature to try to do so! Women loooove to “try” to change their guy into their own image of perfection. Face it, all ye womenfolk out there, admit it! Your sole or soul mission in a relationship, is to try to change the guy. Instead, why not put the time in to trying to understand him, instead of changing him. He, or she, is who they are. Whatever the “qualities” that the person displays, if not harmful or mean, is what makes them who they are. Trying to change that, is to change the person. It is just Wrong!


People, (especially women) try to do it from the moment that the relationship starts, only to find out that it has to be incorporated into the very fibers of that being to take place. It rarely happens. What does happen is that the male grows resentful, agitated, and short fused. And why not, he is being neutered. There is the old adage that “a leopard can’t change its spots”. It shouldn’t have to, and can’t! It’s what makes it a leopard.

To wrap it up, we have to change our own behavior, not our partners.

It is OUR responsibility to make the change in order to be comfortable with the other. It is up to us to accept that behavior, not change the other person to suit OUR needs and wishes!


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Well, which one are you? Simply, when immersed in conversation, do you do all the talking, or are you the designated listener. I’ve been in many conversations where I had no choice but to be the listener. It’s not that I had nothing to say. It was the fact that I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, or talked over. Damn, I hate being talked over! I really do. I am usually the listener, but when I do speak, it is because I have something to say. And it pisses me off to be abruptly cut off by someone in mid yack, who thinks their thought should overpower mine!


Everybody has been spoken over to at some time in their lives, but I bet not one of them appreciated it. Listeners are just as bad. They look like they are following the conversation at the time, but their minds are somewhere else. The talker gets frustrated with the listener for not saying anything, the listener says they heard every word, and the talk over you speaker carries the conversation on by himself, or herself.

So, again, I ask.. which one are you?

And people wonder why conversation is dead!


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