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To that question posed, I answer with an emphatic YES. I am not knowledgeable in the art of financial security, but I know a bit about emotional security. I see relationships as an investment in the futures (a pun) of two people who have formed a bond (another pun), which hopefully will accrue in value (oy!) until it reaches maturity (pretty cheesy, huh!). I won’t get in to the return on investment (self explanatory!).
But relationships, that is, positive relationships, take time. They don’t happen overnight. If they do, it more than likely is a case of lust. I am a firm believer that for a good relationship to grow and mature, and maintain strong dividends, it has to be equal shares put in by both investors. That investment in a partnership can not be 50/50, instead it must continually be at an index of 100/100. This is an equitable and equal partnership.
While we always wish for a positive relationship, many factors have an affect such as availability, date of maturity versus expenditure, and being patient during periodic lulls in the market. Not everyone has the stamina to hold on to the bond during hard times, and walk away causing a lack of equity. It is those people who have the foresight to make things better, and stay the course under all circumstance, are the ones who profit the greatest.




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Alone Time

Relationships are great, especially when they are built upon love, desire and trust. You spend a lot of time with your significant other, go everywhere together, do everything together, and that is terrific and normal in a relationship. But even in the best relationships, each individual needs some “alone time” and that might be a crucial element in keeping the relations good and healthy.
Both guys and girls should encourage this time for each other. How many times have you wanted a “just the girls” night out, or the guys wanting to just hang with the boys? Or it can be as simple as saying to your partner, I want some “Me time”. If there is trust in each other, no doubts will occur in either’s mind. There would be no reason for it. In fact, it would probably make the bond even stronger, as both parties would get that “ball and chain” feeling. Everybody needs and deserves some alone time. It’s not a bad thing, it doesn’t mean something is wrong. People are born as individuals and have certain needs. Relationships are the bond between two people, so what is good for one also applies to the other.


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Will You Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day 2010 went off without a hitch. No squabbles, no fights, no massacre! A pleasant day spent with a pleasant person, lol. We started the day going out for breakfast, then a long walk along the beach with gentle waves as romantic background music. For the afternoon, we decided to hangout at her house. I helped her clean up the kitchen dishes, I helped with the laundry, and even folded her towels. I was attentive to her needs, and she really appreciated it. She responded by giving me the most sensual, soothing, and roughest massage that these old bones have ever witnessed. I was in relaxed muscle heaven.

Later that evening, I suggested we go out for a nice dinner. She sighed that what she would really wish is to make us a nice meal but unfortunately, she can’t cook! However, I most certainly can. So when I said that I would cook a fantastic meal, complete with wine, she was in love. What I found is that, although the proverbial box of chocolates, flowers and card is the norm for most guys, catering to your girl and doing for her means more than anything. Making it her day made her feel loved, and I enjoyed the day too!
However, I am happy that V-D marks the end of the relationship silly season.

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Well guys, 2010 V-Day is soon upon us. The day that our hunnies love us or hate us! It is a day when the sun shines, the birds sing, and love is in the air. OR, a reenactment of that infamous massacre taking place on that day. While all women are different and unique, the most important thing to do is NOT FORGET it is Valentines Day.

As for what to do for her on this day will vary from person to person but acknowledging her is mandatory! Some years past I forgot the day and “paid” dearly for that. I learned my lesson well that day. A card is a must, with a little inscription a good idea. As for chocolates, well, I had always thought that was traditional. My memory takes me back to an old girlfriend. She had been complaining to me that she was gaining weight and didn’t like that fact. I told her, nicely, that she still looked good to me. So, come Valentines Day, I give her the card and a wrapped box of choc’s, complete with pink bow. She reads the card, gets all warm and fuzzy, and kisses me passionately. She then opens the box and her jaw drops. “You know I’m trying to lose weight and you give me chocolates” “You can be so inconsiderate sometimes”! At this point I don’t say a word. What goes through my mind is an old joke.
I got you a pair of slippers and a vibrator. If you don’t use the slippers, you can use the vibrator and go F&%k yourself! No, I did not tell her that one. But I also never bought her chocolates again. Women, can’t live without em… can’t shoot em either!

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I would like to believe that, in a normal, healthy relationship, that both partners would go outside of themselves, forego their personal safety net. It is called love, a simple 4 letter word to which countless literature has been written, spanning eternity!

It is that feeling one gets in a relationship when the happiness or serenity for the other, outweighs the feeling of that individual, without regret, without remorse. It comes from the heart. And it feels good too.

While it is not always an easy process for some people to do, it is very necessary for the survival and endurance of the relationship. It is a cornerstone, a building block, a foundation, which can not be learned. It has to come straight from the heart, not from the head or its value is lost and meaningless!

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Why is it both guys and girls always look for each other while maintaining a wolf pack mentality? The answer is, it is safer!
Safer, maybe, but your chances of meeting are reduced by a factor of who you are with. Women are notorious for traveling with an entourage. Remember this fact ladies, men are visually hardwired
If they are the support system for one of the girls, bottom line is they better not be prettier than she, or her chances of a connection wane.
The same logic holds true for men, but to a lesser degree.

People always go for the tried and proven places and methods to find
one another, be it a bar, mall, or social event, what ever.
I have found a different approach to this by simply doing the obvious.
I eat alone! It sounds all to simple and lackluster but it works.
There is no entourage of people around me so, by percentage, my chances go up! I usually do this during lunchtime, and at restaurants close to busy office buildings, near where I work.

The lunch crowd seems to bring the most amount of women, and it is a short period of time, so your timing is critical. You must use that time in the best way possible. After two or three times to the same place at the same time, you get to know the “regulars” who frequent that establishment. You also get a good idea of who is single, married, or possibly on the prowl, as they do too !

I make it a point to smile and say hello to the regular females that I feel an attraction to. Soon, I’m having lunch with them, having conversations with them, and see where it could possibly lead.
If a connection doesn’t happen then…. I wanted lunch anyways ! Lol

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Money Can’t Buy Love

Money can buy many things, material things for a somewhat material world. It can afford the holder certain luxuries as well as necessities. But it can not buy love! Sure, some people love money. But there is a difference between the love for money and being happy with what money can provide.

I now jump to online dating and some of the profiles of women I have read. So many women are deluded in to thinking that money provides happiness. Happiness must come from within.
“I need my knight in shining Armani” or “I want a rich man only” or “I want to be spoiled like the princess that I am”.

Do women actually believe that they will attain “class” if they have money? They will certainly not! They will have wealth, but not class.
To those women out there who believe that it does, I say the following:
Money does not buy class,
It does however, buy shoes ! lol

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