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The way to a mans heart


It is said that an excellent way for a woman to please her guy is through a good, home cooked meal. I happen to agree with that statement! I’m attracted to her for her looks, her mind, and her culinary expertise in the kitchen. I mean that sincerely. I happen to be an excellent chef in my own rights. And so, having a girlfriend who is quite adept in epicurial delights, makes for a happy ME! It’s also kind of fun with both of us making something to eat together, a team effort so to speak. Along with a bit of competition and food fights! Lol For me, this is a very important part of the relationship. It’s not that I eat a heck of a lot, but I do like to eat good homemade food! So, a way to this mans heart is through his stomach. If she can’t cook worth a damn, the way to HER heart is through her ribcage. hehehe


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