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Metro sexuals

What is a metro sexual and what is it that defines one?
The Urban Dictionary defines it as an urban straight male ranging in age from late teens to mid 30’s who is: good looking, stylish, fashionable, trendy, cultured, & well groomed. A metro sexual is very conscious about his image and looks in public. A metro sexual is often associated with getting manicures, facials, & massages, as well as using “products” and shopping at nice clothing stores. However, metro sexuals don’t necessarily engage in each of these activities.

I guess I’m just a good old woman lovin red blooded guy!
While I love my women to be all dolled up (what guy doesn’t), dressed nicely, smell good, and her hair neat, I think the same for a guy is…just a bit too odd!
I get dirty, I play sports, I’m active!

I do a lot of online dating, and have noticed a trend in the profiles of both men and women, regardless of which site I happen to be on.
What I have noticed is that women list their activities as playing a lot of sports. Not the usual sports, such as golf, tennis and racquetball, but to my astonishment, sports like martial arts, kickboxing in particular. They seem to be more daring, as they want or have tried parachuting or bungee jumping. They fish, they hike, they like diy projects, they do more male related things than ever before!
On the other hand, men write about their love for cooking, watching tv, and puttering in the garden.
This doesn’t seem to be narrowed to a specific region, but appears internationally. It is almost like role reversal!
This being the case, it is no wonder more males are getting their nails done. This is one good ol boy that never will!!! No sir-ee!


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Well, 2008 is coming to an end and we’ll be ushering in a new year.
As a confirmed bachelor with either wanderlust (or A.D.D.), may be it is time for a new girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, my current one is pretty damn good, but she has started making those little annoying remarks about our future, the hinting of what could be, in other words, potential marriage. She knew from the start I really don’t want to get or be married. It doesn’t mean I’m against it. I’m just saying it isn’t something I think about or want. It is also not that I intend to cheat on my girlfriend, it isn’t in my nature to do so, but that wanderlust feeling is gnawing away at me.

I have to come up with a really good reason why I should break up with her, if there is one. I won’t purposely pick a fight with her, just to end our relationship. May be the best way is to let her know that I am not marriage material. I am successful at work, have a house and toys, am financially secure, but I don’t like feeling caged. I won’t do or say anything to her until after Valentines Day. That just brought to mind The St. Valentines Day Massacre! YIKES! I guess it will depend on how I feel at that time.

I don’t want to hurt her, or string her on, but I have no intentions of marrying her or anyone else for that matter.
Hey, I’m only 56 years old, too young to settle down, too old to want to have kids! lol
Then again, why make only one woman miserable, when I can make many miserable!

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You Talk the Talk, but…


The other day, I was watching these 2 teenage girls around 18-19 years old talking a whole lot of crap to a guy in his low 20’s. They were strutting their stuff, all decked out with a hell of a lot of makeup on, brazenly “tormenting” this guy with sexual innuendoes. “I can do this to you, I can do that to you. I can be the best you ever had“ !! That one was my favorite. Now mind you I wasn’t eavesdropping…oh YES I was! It was just too funny to leave and miss that ranting. Lol So the guy is acting quite normal, until one of the girls starts touching him seductively, and then starts kissing him, with brief interludes of more ranting.

The guy is really cool about what’s happening, and realizes the girl is probably either doing this on a dare, is drunk, or just plain horny. I say this for he grabs her with one hand, starts lip locking on her, and grabs her butt with his other hand. The girl is no longer taking the dominant stance, and turned beet red instantly as she tried to back off. She was apparently scared and surprised by his actions.

I heard her say, in what sounded like a frightened voice, “I didn’t mean for this to happen” whereas the guy merely said, “You talked the talk, but you can’t walk the walk”! He acted with dignity, hell he was cool! And the girls made a quick exit, as he laughed intensely. Who was goofing on who, I wondered. Anyway, seeing that made my day! lol

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Basic Training


If you have a pet, lets say a dog, and you raise him or her from a puppy, you try to train them in a manner you deem fit, hopefully eliminating unwanted behaviors. So it should be when starting in a new relationship. I’m not talking about using a choker or shock collar, or even a leash (unless you are both adults and into it! Lol) In a new relationship, you both start as tabula rasa or blank slate. It is now the perfect opportunity to learn, and understand the wants and needs of the other. In other words, you both get to train each other. It really isn’t too hard to do. Amazing what you can do with a rolled up newspaper! Lol kidding.

Unlike Freudian classical condition (the shock collar!), sorry but I couldn’t resist, the use of operant conditioning works very well on emerging relationships. Basically, you reward good behavior, a form of positive reinforcement. The objective is to get the other to know what is expected, desired, and wanted of them. It might sound a bit crazy, but when each party concerned is aware of this from the beginning, it could only help to benefit the relationship in a good, healthy, honest way.
But if that doesn’t work, a good shocker and short leash may have to suffice! lol

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Sometimes I get nostalgic about my younger, glory days of single dating. There was no such thing as online dating, in fact, when I was in my late teens/early 20’s, there was no internet! To find a girl for a date, you had to do some legwork, not click a button to see a profile(s) and type an initial email. Oh yea, also no such thing as email! Lol. Now we live in the 21st century, techno immediate gratification world where it is all too simple. There is such a plethora (I like that word!) of faces to view online, from all over the world, a real smorgasbord of looks, shapes and sizes, that even if you get virtually rejected, there is no pain. You easily can just move on to the next!

In the old days you were basically limited to your area’s bars, clubs, markets, whatever. If you lived in more rural areas, your chances of successfully meeting some one new and exciting were severely diminished. But still people found a way to do so. They made it work, they had no other options. They had to work with the situations presented to them. They went to fairs and festivals, and other social events.

People have gotten lazy in dating, and the social graces. They don’t speak, they text on the fly, they don’t write letters, they eMail. They don’t put in the time and effort, but they do know how to press click and delete.

Oh, the good ole days!

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Dream Girls


In our never ending quest to be happy, many men spend a great deal of time and effort searching for their ideal woman. Knowing what type of female we are attracted to is not all that difficult but knowing where to find such a person can be very frustrating indeed. What it all boils down to is being in the right place at the right time, and knowing what to do and how to act accordingly! Basically timing and action.

The first place that comes to mind in an attempt to find a dream girl would be the dance clubs and bars. Going out to a night club can be lots of fun especially if you are a good dancer, but it can also be intimidating if you are shy and do not like crowds. And potentially embarrassing if you don’t know how to dance.

Bars are another option but if you’re not much of a drinker, you probably won’t have a very good time and do you really think you will find your dream girl in a bar? A girl, yea, but your dream girl? .. probably not! The bar scene though is a good place to explore, but it is more ideally suited for younger people, those guys and gals who are in their 20’s who are first learning about the art of dating, and for men who are going through the “conquer” stage. A few glasses of vodka and everyone is ideal! Till the next day! lol

The beach can be a great place to meet women if you are not bashful about approaching a total stranger half naked. Even if you are unable to connect with an attractive female, at least you can work on your tan while enjoying the outdoors. Of course, being half naked and having an overhanging beer belly is not condusive to picking up a pretty girl.

Supermarkets can be another way of meeting someone but a guy can look very foolish hanging out in front of the produce section with a big smile on his face hoping for the right woman to walk by. However, this option can work if you are a divorced male with a totally bewildered look on his face, and gets the sympathy and compassion of a similarly divorced female. Kind of like a pity pickup! Lol

Going to parties or some kind of social gathering can be a great way to meet people if you have the good fortune of being invited to such an event. Parties can be lots of fun and you never know who you might run into it. But in these situations you must be bold, show confidence, be assertive. Or, look for the wallflowers and just strike up a conversation. It works!! The main thought to keep in mind is that your ideal female is out there but she isn’t coming to you. You have to make the effort to find her.

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From the eX Files


During the silly season (Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day), more people are out and about, either looking or shopping, whatever. So the likelihood of running into your ex increases tremendously. Such happened this weekend. My girlfriend (present) and another couple were doing a little Christmas shopping. We were at the Mall getting pushed and shoved by the crowds, and decided to go see a movie there to kill some time and avoid the masses. We sit down and start to watch the movie. Being dark in the theater we obviously can’t see who else is there, nor were we looking to see. Not more than 15 minutes into the picture, my friends girlfriend gets rigid, then livid. Her boyfriend quietly whispers to her, “what’s wrong”? She tells him to be quiet. It turns out her ex boyfriend is sitting in the row in front of us with his new girlfriend.

Although she was trying to remain cool, calm, and collected (we were cracking up!), she was uncomfortable. She asked if we could go to another movie in the theater. We didn’t care as we were just killing time. So, we all got up and left to see a different show. We found 4 seats in a row in the dark, and seated ourselves. Not more than 15 minutes again had elapsed when my girlfriend had that same look on her face. To her I asked, what’s the matter. She told me my ex girlfriend was sitting in the row behind us. I said, soooo? It made her uncomfortable, she said. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, we started kissing (loudly) and put on a show, hoping that my ex would see. Apparently she did, for soon she got up and left!

You just can’t make up this sht!!! Reality rocks!

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