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Affluence on Common Ground

How simply marvelous it would be if both the guy and the girl were on the same page, in terms of affluence. Money, or lack of it, is of major concern when in a relationship. If the guy has money, and the girl doesn’t, it is ok since the man likes to have that control, and feels good in the process by being able to take her to nice places, which she appreciates. But if the girl is the breadwinner, she will, by her nature, soon tire of providing for the man. It rarely goes both ways.

But when people of affluence get together, it is whole new ballgame.
People of affluence, whether obtained by hard work, or by inheritance, can live in the world, not bothered by the realities of bills, food, rent, etc., like most of us poor mortals do! They can indulge comfortably in life’s pleasures without the worries of, if it is affordable, or how will I ever pay for it. That gives them a certain freedom that few of us will ever know.

Usually, affluent people go to better schools, thus having a better education. This helps them to appreciate things the average person doesn’t. It doesn’t make them any better, but it does provide the opportunity. For example, I have a boat, they have a yacht. I eat a burger, they eat filet mignon. I went to community college, they went to Harvard. All things equal, we have the same things, but we have to be aware of our expenditures. The affluent do not have to deal with this concern.

Affluent couples live their lives on another plane of existence. They travel in circles of other affluent people, the wealthy, the captains of industry, the leaders of society. Those people whose word have meaning. If it sounds like I am jealous… I guess I am!


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Money Can’t Buy Love

Money can buy many things, material things for a somewhat material world. It can afford the holder certain luxuries as well as necessities. But it can not buy love! Sure, some people love money. But there is a difference between the love for money and being happy with what money can provide.

I now jump to online dating and some of the profiles of women I have read. So many women are deluded in to thinking that money provides happiness. Happiness must come from within.
“I need my knight in shining Armani” or “I want a rich man only” or “I want to be spoiled like the princess that I am”.

Do women actually believe that they will attain “class” if they have money? They will certainly not! They will have wealth, but not class.
To those women out there who believe that it does, I say the following:
Money does not buy class,
It does however, buy shoes ! lol

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I don’t want to believe that all women are money hungry gold diggers. I don’t blame their moms from teaching them that “it is just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor one” and they accepting this pseudo reality, or that it is the root of all evil. But when it comes down to it, more relationships are destroyed because of lack of money. Understandable, but still a bit pathetic.

In todays world, if one partner doesn’t make enough, it is the obligation of the spouse to try to help out by, dare I say it, GET A JOB! It doesn’t have to be a full time, uber salary position. But it would help the situation out, be mentally stimulating(?), and being out of the house and feeling useful and productive to the greater wellbeing of the relationship.

All good things for harmony in the house. But many women have their butts pressed into the sofa every day, watching the soaps on TV, getting fat, waiting to be treated like princesses, and waiting for hubby to get home from work, in order to berate him of his financial shortcomings. This will cause nothing but relationship ruin, and probably end up in separation or divorce. Having a wife with attitudes as such, even if the man won the lottery, he would still be a broken man. She is who she is!

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