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Bruce Springsteen said it best in his song “You can look but you better not touch”. Although by far, men are more visually hardwired than that of women, both genders LOOK at other people. I feel that there is nothing wrong with that, as long as that is where it ends…just looking! How many times a day do you see a hot girl and give her a smile, at the same time checking her out from head to heel? Or the woman doing the same things to a hard bodied guy! Again I say, so what’s wrong with that. Just because you may in a relationship doesn’t mean you have blinders on. Sight is one of our senses, and so we use it. It’s like admiring a picture of the Mona Lisa and getting yelled at by your partner for looking at another woman. WAIT, maybe the Mona Lisa isn’t the best example to use, but you get the drift of it! Lol. For we guyz admire a shapely body, a firm bosom, and a shapely ass! And you women check us out just the same. Admit it!
Again, this is little visual is meant to be just a look, not an outright stare, and it has nothing to do with flirting. Just a look, a peep, an internal smile!


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When You Lose Trust

trustThis is a hard one! Trust is a very important if not most important part of a relationship, and if lost, can easily cause its demise. In relationships, trust is the cornerstone. You can compromise with much, but when you lose that all important trust in your partner, there is very little that can be done to rectify it! You keep it in the back of your mind, where it builds and festers, until it becomes “the confrontation”. Trust issues are a killer, and it is up to both partners in the relationship to make sure it never comes to that. For if it does, the one who feels the lack of trust will become a different person, doubting, suspicious, and resentful to the other. So, DON’T EVER get to that position.
Remember, you can forgive, but you don’t forget!!

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