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Trust Your Guts


We all listen to and monitor our innards for that feeling of well being. You know when you feel hungry through stomach noises, sleepy through trying to keep your eyes open. So why not your gut feeling!
I am a firm believer in trusting my gut feeling. I think everyone should. Sure, logic or illogic causes rationalization. And rationalization puts a smokescreen around the real issue. Confuse you enough yet? It’s really pretty simple. We are all born with a built in detector. This detector warns us if something just isn’t right about something or someone. It warns us of a ensuing conflict and manifests itself through various body reactions, your gut feeling in the pit of your stomach! It is a great thing for all of us to have, but, unfortunately too many people don’t utilize it correctly.

When two people meet, for example, a guy and a girl, and you get that feeling that something just ain’t quite right, it probably ain’t, I mean isn’t! Your body is giving you warning, the alarm within you is sounding, but it’s up to you whether or not you go with the feeling. I trust mine, maybe you should believe in yours too.
But be careful how you interpret that feeling, and that it is for a valid reason, and not just hunger pangs! Lol


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Well, which one are you? Simply, when immersed in conversation, do you do all the talking, or are you the designated listener. I’ve been in many conversations where I had no choice but to be the listener. It’s not that I had nothing to say. It was the fact that I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, or talked over. Damn, I hate being talked over! I really do. I am usually the listener, but when I do speak, it is because I have something to say. And it pisses me off to be abruptly cut off by someone in mid yack, who thinks their thought should overpower mine!


Everybody has been spoken over to at some time in their lives, but I bet not one of them appreciated it. Listeners are just as bad. They look like they are following the conversation at the time, but their minds are somewhere else. The talker gets frustrated with the listener for not saying anything, the listener says they heard every word, and the talk over you speaker carries the conversation on by himself, or herself.

So, again, I ask.. which one are you?

And people wonder why conversation is dead!


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I have accepted the fact that I am still single while the majority of my friends are married. I have deluded myself to diversity is the spice of life. But at the end of the day, I’m still alone!
Five signs you’ve been single too long comes to mind. They are:
1.You assume you repulse ALL women

2.You develop bad eating habits

3.Your dating habits drop

4.You get a cat

5.You consider your mothers dating advice Number 5 is quite a scary concept!!!




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That brings up Susan, Princess Sue as she thought of herself. Never was there more a woman who thought she was God’s gift than her. It wouldn’t have been that bad if she appreciated the “better things” but she didn’t. She DERSERVED them.
It’s one thing to have champagne wishes and caviar dreams and to be able to make them a reality. Princess Sue was into flash and bling. It was not “what can I do for you…only what can you do for me”! She wanted the world, but had no concept for obtaining it herself. She lived in a world of immediate gratification. Quickly I realized this and moved on…at a gallop pace.



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