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Pet Names for Humans


I HATE PET NAMES !!! No, not the stupid ones given to foo foo dogs. They are bad enough! It’s the ones given in a relationship as a term of endearment. I don’t like giving them nor do I like being called them! I can barely handle being called honey or dear or sweetie, let alone names like pookums or boo or pooh bear! Ich! Makes me feel like hurling. Too sweet sounding for my tastes! And as a guy, way too embarrassing when called that in public! OK, the truth comes out. It’s not really all that bad when one on one, in private, without other ears listening in! But for a guy, being called one of those sweet “endearing” pet names in public is outright humiliating! On the other hand, women being the emotional creatures that they are, eat it up! They love it, it’s so meaningful to them. The sweeter, the better! No wonder they get cavities!


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