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Basic Training


If you have a pet, lets say a dog, and you raise him or her from a puppy, you try to train them in a manner you deem fit, hopefully eliminating unwanted behaviors. So it should be when starting in a new relationship. I’m not talking about using a choker or shock collar, or even a leash (unless you are both adults and into it! Lol) In a new relationship, you both start as tabula rasa or blank slate. It is now the perfect opportunity to learn, and understand the wants and needs of the other. In other words, you both get to train each other. It really isn’t too hard to do. Amazing what you can do with a rolled up newspaper! Lol kidding.

Unlike Freudian classical condition (the shock collar!), sorry but I couldn’t resist, the use of operant conditioning works very well on emerging relationships. Basically, you reward good behavior, a form of positive reinforcement. The objective is to get the other to know what is expected, desired, and wanted of them. It might sound a bit crazy, but when each party concerned is aware of this from the beginning, it could only help to benefit the relationship in a good, healthy, honest way.
But if that doesn’t work, a good shocker and short leash may have to suffice! lol


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