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Well guys, 2010 V-Day is soon upon us. The day that our hunnies love us or hate us! It is a day when the sun shines, the birds sing, and love is in the air. OR, a reenactment of that infamous massacre taking place on that day. While all women are different and unique, the most important thing to do is NOT FORGET it is Valentines Day.

As for what to do for her on this day will vary from person to person but acknowledging her is mandatory! Some years past I forgot the day and “paid” dearly for that. I learned my lesson well that day. A card is a must, with a little inscription a good idea. As for chocolates, well, I had always thought that was traditional. My memory takes me back to an old girlfriend. She had been complaining to me that she was gaining weight and didn’t like that fact. I told her, nicely, that she still looked good to me. So, come Valentines Day, I give her the card and a wrapped box of choc’s, complete with pink bow. She reads the card, gets all warm and fuzzy, and kisses me passionately. She then opens the box and her jaw drops. “You know I’m trying to lose weight and you give me chocolates” “You can be so inconsiderate sometimes”! At this point I don’t say a word. What goes through my mind is an old joke.
I got you a pair of slippers and a vibrator. If you don’t use the slippers, you can use the vibrator and go F&%k yourself! No, I did not tell her that one. But I also never bought her chocolates again. Women, can’t live without em… can’t shoot em either!


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silly season

Well, it’s starting to affect me again. The end of October and next month, Thanksgiving. The start of the silly season, a period of time in which emotions can run rampant with highs and lows until after Valentines Day. I’m feeling the blues! No girlfriend right now to share in the festivities of the upcoming holidays.

I don’t mind not having Thanksgiving dinner (as I dislike turkey!), but then comes Christmas, and that will put me in to a tailspin. I love to give gifts to a girlfriend, and this year will not have the opportunity I feel. Of course, I have been a very good boy, so may be Santa will give me one? If he does, he better not look for a chimney.. I live in Florida! LOL.

Next, comes the two holidays that are the worst when not in a relationship. Spending New Years Eve without female companionship basically sucks, and in February, there is Valentines Day to contend with! Yes indeed, the 2009-2010 Silly Season, will not be a happy one for this author. However, I will have almost a year to make restitution!

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When does a guy living a sugar daddy type lifestyle learn to say NO to a pretty young woman? To basically cut her off! I, personally enjoy it, as do many men, but when does the balance become so slanted that it no longer is enjoyable? The whole idea of the sugar daddy lifestyle is to be able to spoil, mentor, and have some nice arm and eye candy. And that is all well and good. But here is my dilemma.

I met this young lady a few weeks ago through an online dating site that embraces that particular lifestyle and all seemed well and good… at the beginning. We met for drinks, found we had chemistry and attraction between us, and were both looking for same thing. It seemed like a perfect match, and for a while it was. We mutually agreed to see each other once every two weeks to go out to fancy restaurants, and high brow cultural events. She is almost 20 years younger than me, but still not a kid by any means. At first, I lavished her with gifts, and I was her Prince Charming, when she needed money, I was her Knight in shining armor, when I took her to Europe, I was an angel, and when I cut her off, I was the scum of the earth!

So why did I cut her off, you ask? It is simple. When everything given freely becomes expected, not appreciated, and when it is never enough, it soon changes the scenario from sugar babe to gold digger. Yes it is a lifestyle definitely not suited for everyone, and it can and does work as an alternative lifestyle, but both parties concerned have to feel they are getting something out of the relationship or what’s the point! May be it was my fault? May be it was both of our fault, but I refuse being treated like an ongoing human ATM.

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Have you ever been caught up in a situation where jealousy, that green eyed monster rears its ugly head? Most people unfortunately have experienced this at some time in their lives. And no one relishes being in such a position, or as the recipient. Jealousy is not necessarily a female concept. It rears its head to males also. It crosses both genders, but I think that women have a higher susceptibility towards it, as they are more emotionally driven than men.

Sayings like, I’m jealous of her, she’s jealous of him, are all too common terms.
They are feelings and expressed emotions … very strong feelings and emotions!
Jealousy is a complex reaction to a certain set of emotional thoughts and behaviors which manifest themselves outwardly, hence the term green eyed monster or green with envy.

How can jealousy affect a relationship? It can influence a couple in a positive way if it is just mild jealousy. It can influence you to do better, to act as a form of competition. In this instance, if both the couple are competitive by nature, mild jealousy can be a good thing. It can, however, destroy that relationship. When the jealousy becomes too strong, it becomes a ticking time bomb, eventually exploding into shards of angry jaded shrapnel. Jealousy can and does bring out the worst in people. The solution therefore is open COMMUNICATION before it gets totally out of hand. Communication is required from BOTH sides with lots of understanding and patience, as the feelings can be quite intense. Remember, it takes two to tango!

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In today’s world of dating and relationships, the N.S.A. or No Strings Attached type dating has become ever so popular. Maybe that is so simply because of its definition. If something has no strings attached, then there are no obligations or expectations. It could be a sweet ride for those who are in to this form of casual dating encounter.
The NSA type of relationship goes by many names, but it is for the most part, a discreet type of relation. Take for example, a wife who’s husband’s job takes him away for days, weeks, or months. She gets lonely, but doesn’t want to leave him, or vice versa. This kind of discreet relationship can actually work for them, as it fulfils a need for both parties concerned!

Friends with benefits, is another widely used term. Similar expressions are a fling, a booty call, a little something on the side.
I’m sure you get the idea! I personally think this type of relation is more male provoked. I say this simply for the reason that males are less likely to commit (mostly due to fear!) than females. This relationship, at least as seen on the various online dating sites, is initiated by men who are married (usually for a number of years), but who don’t want to get divorced from their wives, or younger women who don’t want a true relationship, but the “benefits” of such without the drama. Those women seek a more mature discreet version of this phenomenon. They are looking for sugar daddies who can spoil, wine and dine them, and show them a real good time. While this form of casual dating has become somewhat accepted, it is not this author’s way. Just call me old-fashioned. What next, cybersex becomes the norm?

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Do Clothes Make the Man

As quickly as it became known to my friends that I was approaching being single…again, the first thing said from girl friends, was awww, so sorry to hear that, followed by get some new threads and git back in the saddle. Why do I need more clothes? It doesn’t state who I am, nor does it make me a better man! Hell, I already have spent over $3000 in clothes which were purchased in 2008 alone, most of which I purchased through the pestering of my now ex girl, and of which 80% I still have not worn yet! I’m not a woman, I have no need for the latest fashions, or what’s trendy, at the moment, nor do I relate to retail therapy. I really couldn’t care less. Give me a couple of suits for work, a few pair of slacks, some shirts, and my sneakers, and I’m a happy camper. I certainly do not need more to make me feel better. I feel fine!

I’m not going to be judged by a female or anybody for my dress attire! I don’t believe that clothes make the man, but the other way around, a man makes the clothes! Take me as I am, or I won’t last long. Although I am chivalrous, I refuse to be some damsel’s knight in shining Armani !

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Serial Online Daters


I admit to being an off again on again online dating site user. When I’m in a relationship, these sites do not exist for me, but are nice when I’m not! I was talking recently to a friend who had joined a few of the numerous online dating sites. I was surprised when he showed me the same 4 girls he was interested in, on four different sites. They each had the same usernames, profiles, and pictures! They are known as the serial dater, maximizing their chances of scoring a date with the “one” through sheer numbers! Actually, it is quite clever. The more you’re out there, the more the likelihood of meeting someone. But come on, jumping from one profile to another becomes exhausting after a while, and doing it from multiple sites can become a full time job! I’m sure the guys do the same thing, except they are probably seen as stalkers!

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