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Living Together


For me, reality has finally set in. It has burned its way into my psyche. It is the realization that, at 56 years of age, I still don?t want to be married, although I have been engaged twice before in my life. Though I find nothing wrong with the premise of marriage, I have never found a girl that I wanted to see and be with till death due us part! It is probably a failing on my part, but it is the truth, my truth! I am completely comfortable with just having a girlfriend. In fact, my latest girlfriend and I are living together at my house. It is my way to see and experience ?marriage? without the formalities and legalities of the commitment.

The Realization?

I surmised that, after seeing an episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, that maybe he had the right idea! He said that it is better to be with a person SOLELY because you WANT to be with that person, and not because of legalities. There would be no need or grounds for divorce, just a parting of ways. That was my realization, my epiphany, and Im sticking to it ! Thanks Gene for my enlightenment. Now if only my girlfriend felt that way! Lol


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