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I just got a call from my girlfriend. She had been waiting outside on a line, along with what she described as a block long procession of people, at a popular store. She has been there since 6:30 in the morning! Why, you ask? Because today is Black Friday, the day normally sane people leave early in the morning, and wait on long lines, to hopefully get presents for their loved ones, a month before giving them the gifts.

Alright, the savings can be great, and saving money in this economy is terrific. But she also said she was very cold waiting outside, and one wouldn’t dare leave the line for anything less than an emergency. But once the doors opened, chaos reigned supreme. She told me that no more than five minutes had passed since she started her present hunting, then a woman on an out of control shopping cart ran into her!

I kinda laughed at the visual taking place in my mind, but she was not in the mood for my sarcasm! Or anybody else’s for that matter! She told me the people shopping were like animals, pushing and shoving each other to find their special gifts, without regard for anyone! She also told me she was black and blue from that experience hence the name of this article!! But, like any dedicated shopper, she got what she set out to get…and unfortunately, a bit more than she had bargained for.!


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