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No, not the Doublemint gum commercial, but the Twins. Every mans fantasy, I’m sure. My mind wanders to one of the Austin Powers movies, where he is confronted (and comforted!) by twin oriental gals. How great would it be to have the opportunity to date a brace of twins! It sure would fulfill one of my fantasies, a major one at that! I wonder if I could handle it. That I don’t know, but I sure would love to give it a try if presented with the opportunity!

These are probably dreams (or nightmares). They exist only in my fantasy where they are fulfilling (duh!), outrageous, and remain as my ultimate fantasy, where they probably belong. I am curious as to whether anyone has ever actually had the opportunity to live this fantasy, and if so, has was it. This dirty old man wants to know!


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Serial Online Daters


I admit to being an off again on again online dating site user. When I’m in a relationship, these sites do not exist for me, but are nice when I’m not! I was talking recently to a friend who had joined a few of the numerous online dating sites. I was surprised when he showed me the same 4 girls he was interested in, on four different sites. They each had the same usernames, profiles, and pictures! They are known as the serial dater, maximizing their chances of scoring a date with the “one” through sheer numbers! Actually, it is quite clever. The more you’re out there, the more the likelihood of meeting someone. But come on, jumping from one profile to another becomes exhausting after a while, and doing it from multiple sites can become a full time job! I’m sure the guys do the same thing, except they are probably seen as stalkers!

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