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So you’ve come to the end of that first date. It went fantastic you think. In your mind you go through the signs that she is attracted to you. She laughed, she talked, witty banter flew across the dinner table. You said the right things. You “passed” the test! You know she is attracted to you, hell, she remembered your name and didn’t throw any food at you! Now that’s love! Well, everyone has there own opinion on when the time is right, and they would all be correct. 
I’ve found that at the end of that first date, you know if you and she are winners in the love connection. I’m kinda old fashioned. I wait until we are at her door before the first smooch. It works out nicely that way. If she doesn’t like you, and turns her cheek, atleast it comes at the end of the date. But if she does, one kiss can lead to many, and if you’re real lucky, an invite into the house! hehehe



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Relationships, by that I mean long term ones are rough. They take time, they take effort, and most of all, they survive and flourish by means of compromise. It can’t be only my way or her way. It doesn’t work if your attitude is my way or the highway. Compromise is the key, and the chemistry must be right. It still comes down to the Law of Attraction. Let’s face it, when you first meet that person, before you know what makes that person tick, you go primal.
Sight is the first sense that is used in your determination of that person as a potential. For the most part, men are visually oriented. Maybe we’re just wired that way. I know I am! I’ll remember her body shape with all desired parts from the moment my eyes focus upon her. It is only after that visual acuity is satiated, that I’ll remember the deeper details of her. The real her, the inner beauty that lies within her and which makes her who she is. Women, I believe are more wired to an emotional state. That is probably why they always “test” men to see if they are “worthy” of them




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I have accepted the fact that I am still single while the majority of my friends are married. I have deluded myself to diversity is the spice of life. But at the end of the day, I’m still alone!
Five signs you’ve been single too long comes to mind. They are:
1.You assume you repulse ALL women

2.You develop bad eating habits

3.Your dating habits drop

4.You get a cat

5.You consider your mothers dating advice Number 5 is quite a scary concept!!!




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That brings up Susan, Princess Sue as she thought of herself. Never was there more a woman who thought she was God’s gift than her. It wouldn’t have been that bad if she appreciated the “better things” but she didn’t. She DERSERVED them.
It’s one thing to have champagne wishes and caviar dreams and to be able to make them a reality. Princess Sue was into flash and bling. It was not “what can I do for you…only what can you do for me”! She wanted the world, but had no concept for obtaining it herself. She lived in a world of immediate gratification. Quickly I realized this and moved on…at a gallop pace.



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