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Well, she did it! She said she was going to, but being a skeptic, I didn’t believe her. No, not Kim Kardashian, but my girl! And I am so pleased she did so. It started off a month ago, during dinner. She nonchalantly asked me, would you love me as a blonde? I told her I would love her with any color hair (except green, blue, or pink!) and didn’t think any more about it. Less than a week later, she called me on the cell. There was trepidation in her voice I could tell. I asked her what was wrong upon which she answered, “I hope you like a blonde”! That got me thinking, gee, would it make any difference to me? It’s not my hair, it’s hers to do whatever she likes to it. “Oh, and I got it cut short.. very short” too. You have to understand, she had long, dark brown hair flowing half way down her back. That was the only way I knew her. Now I started getting nervous about it!

Initially, all that came out of my mouth was, “How short”? “Very short” was her reply. I actually gasped at the thought! I think the shock of that got to me. “So, when are you coming over to see it? How about…now“! I said alright and headed out to her house. I convinced myself that if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t say so figuring it would grow back in time and she could always dye it back.

I get to her house, actually feeling anxious as to “who” will welcome me. My brain had a mindset of long dark hair and I was about to tread on new grounds with her. The world of blondeness! So, I sheepishly knock on the door, take a deep breath, and close my eyes! The door opens, she laughs at my scrunched up face and closed eyes, and gives me a kiss.
It was during that kiss that I opened my eyes, and I’m so glad I did! She looked great, no, better than great, she looked fabulous! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She glowed with her sunny new color and short doo. The amazing thing was it boosted her confidence and my..err…it boosted us both!. She became assertive, super sexy and sultry, happy with herself. I was very happy with herself too! May be it is true that blondes do have more fun.

So, what do you think ?
Hey baby, No time to think. Lets hit the sheets !


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As an individual with a unique perspective, I have noticed one particular thing reading profiles on online dating sites. Most everyone wants to start a relationship, be it a fling or long term relationship. But, the one thing that stands out in many profiles is the statement
“I want to be me, take me as I am”. Sound familiar?

Well, the truth is, it is a statement easier said than done in a relationship. Why? Because women like to try changing the men they are with. They are never happy with something we do. Or, it is a malevolent gene that surfaces in the early stages of a relationship. And they are not aware of themselves doing it…yeah right !! Lol.

This action will always stress out the guy. He will not be at ease with himself, especially when with his girl. The girl, being an astute creature, picks up on the guys behavior, asking “What’s wrong” .. duh!

Women are less likely to feel this way. They are too caught up with being spoiled and taken care of. They are primarily the instigators. So I say this to all of you women out there…You’ll get more flies with honey than you will with vinegar!
Think about it!

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Some women may call it therapy, some may call it addiction, but it is nothing more than them being outright shop-a-holics! While it is true that they feel somewhat relaxed (therapy) or get a high (addiction) from it, that is just plain old rationalization.

What I can not fathom, for the life of me, is why the great need or desire for it! I mean, how many pairs of shoes or handbags, or what evers do you women need?

I understand the concept, (partially), of wishing to be fashionably in fashion, and I do understand it makes sense, if you need an item on sale, to purchase it. But there has to be a point where it becomes overdone! I really don’t think any woman would ever admit to that though!

So call it what you may, and convince yourself of it, it’s still just good old SHOPPING!

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Why is it both guys and girls always look for each other while maintaining a wolf pack mentality? The answer is, it is safer!
Safer, maybe, but your chances of meeting are reduced by a factor of who you are with. Women are notorious for traveling with an entourage. Remember this fact ladies, men are visually hardwired
If they are the support system for one of the girls, bottom line is they better not be prettier than she, or her chances of a connection wane.
The same logic holds true for men, but to a lesser degree.

People always go for the tried and proven places and methods to find
one another, be it a bar, mall, or social event, what ever.
I have found a different approach to this by simply doing the obvious.
I eat alone! It sounds all to simple and lackluster but it works.
There is no entourage of people around me so, by percentage, my chances go up! I usually do this during lunchtime, and at restaurants close to busy office buildings, near where I work.

The lunch crowd seems to bring the most amount of women, and it is a short period of time, so your timing is critical. You must use that time in the best way possible. After two or three times to the same place at the same time, you get to know the “regulars” who frequent that establishment. You also get a good idea of who is single, married, or possibly on the prowl, as they do too !

I make it a point to smile and say hello to the regular females that I feel an attraction to. Soon, I’m having lunch with them, having conversations with them, and see where it could possibly lead.
If a connection doesn’t happen then…. I wanted lunch anyways ! Lol

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Lush-ous Women

Last night was boys night out. It is our gathering of only male friends, both married and single, who get together once a month for socializing, womanizing, and getting snookered! What we noticed was that women do the same thing. Not surprising though! What was funny was the way intoxicated women acted in public!

At the bar we went to, there were a group of women in their mid 40’s, who were having their girls night out. Within minutes of their arrival, we knew them to be mostly married, if you know what I mean!
The more they drank, the funnier and louder they got.

By their third round, they were totally smashed, and singing to the entire bar. By their fourth round, they were falling off the barstools, with one on the floor, and seemingly content to be there!
She was the funniest lush I ever encountered. She was also the loudest of the group and the most flirtatious.

What sticks in my mind most about this night out was one saying that she screamed out to the entire bar:
I’m married.. I drink triples till I see doubles, and I act like I’m single!
They were truly a lush-ous group of gals!

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Quest for the Gold


What is it that women, in general, find most coveted in a man?
His salary, I surmise! Since women need to feel secure, especially in a relationship, financial security is paramount. A mans earning capability (his paycheck) is scrutinized before the “relationship” actually takes hold. Being a male, I don’t particularly like that.. But I can understand that.

Furthermore, women like change. Let me reiterate. Women have a desire to find a man, then spend time trying to change him, or his behavior. Is it the desire to nurture or an evil of always attempting to bend a mans will to feed her wants and needs? The malleability or hammering a man to her desired shape. Is it to feed her ego or to help I wonder.

Women are thought to be the weaker, fairer sex of the genders.
They are certainly the most dangerous, conniving, and devious species with a capacity for attempting to break a mans will!
We males know that, try to accept that fact, and sometimes revolt!
But they do get the gold medal for trying!

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No, not the Doublemint gum commercial, but the Twins. Every mans fantasy, I’m sure. My mind wanders to one of the Austin Powers movies, where he is confronted (and comforted!) by twin oriental gals. How great would it be to have the opportunity to date a brace of twins! It sure would fulfill one of my fantasies, a major one at that! I wonder if I could handle it. That I don’t know, but I sure would love to give it a try if presented with the opportunity!

These are probably dreams (or nightmares). They exist only in my fantasy where they are fulfilling (duh!), outrageous, and remain as my ultimate fantasy, where they probably belong. I am curious as to whether anyone has ever actually had the opportunity to live this fantasy, and if so, has was it. This dirty old man wants to know!

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