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Have you ever been caught up in a situation where jealousy, that green eyed monster rears its ugly head? Most people unfortunately have experienced this at some time in their lives. And no one relishes being in such a position, or as the recipient. Jealousy is not necessarily a female concept. It rears its head to males also. It crosses both genders, but I think that women have a higher susceptibility towards it, as they are more emotionally driven than men.

Sayings like, I’m jealous of her, she’s jealous of him, are all too common terms.
They are feelings and expressed emotions … very strong feelings and emotions!
Jealousy is a complex reaction to a certain set of emotional thoughts and behaviors which manifest themselves outwardly, hence the term green eyed monster or green with envy.

How can jealousy affect a relationship? It can influence a couple in a positive way if it is just mild jealousy. It can influence you to do better, to act as a form of competition. In this instance, if both the couple are competitive by nature, mild jealousy can be a good thing. It can, however, destroy that relationship. When the jealousy becomes too strong, it becomes a ticking time bomb, eventually exploding into shards of angry jaded shrapnel. Jealousy can and does bring out the worst in people. The solution therefore is open COMMUNICATION before it gets totally out of hand. Communication is required from BOTH sides with lots of understanding and patience, as the feelings can be quite intense. Remember, it takes two to tango!


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As much as alternate relationship lifestyles are becoming more and more commonplace and accepted in today’s society, gold diggers and sugar daddy’s have survived. In the present state of our economy, it has emerged stronger than ever. It might even be a product of economy. In the time of the California Gold Rush, circa 1800’s, the men packed up all they had and headed out west to seek their fortune, many times leaving their wives or family behind. It was not easy times, but the possibility of striking it rich was a distinct possibility. The men were actual gold diggers, that is, miners, panning for gold. It was those women who hung around the miners (for their money, obviously), that were coined gold diggers. In those days, times were rough for both men and women. People left everything, packed up, and headed out west to strike it rich! Many did, and like nowadays, where there is a rich man, there will be some shrewd, conniving female who wants a piece of it! And then again, in those days, women were more of a beauty depreciating asset, so they struck when the iron was hot, so to speak.

The modern definition of a gold digger is a woman who associates with or marries a rich man in order to get valuables from him through gifts or a divorce settlement. But the gold digger scenario is not a relationship, per se. It is a one sided affair specifically generated by the female to snare the rich male, to fleece him of his wealth for her own. As long as there are women in the world, a proportion of them will be strictly out for themselves. They couldn’t care less for the man, as long as he showers her with wealth and gifts, and wouldn’t hesitate to leave him the minute she gets cut off. She sees the man as a male ATM machine, and what’s in it for her.

Enter the Sugar daddy. This is a mutual relationship between a rich older man and a woman, usually a younger woman at that. The term sugar daddy is a modern variant of the word daddy. Daddy describing the age difference between the couple, and prefacing it with sugar, which is the gifts given. Hence the name, Sugar daddy! So, the modern definition of sugar daddy is that of a wealthy, usually older man who gives expensive gifts to someone much younger in return for companionship or sexual favors.


The biggest difference between a gold digger “relationship” and that of a sugar daddy is that, in the sugar daddy relationship, it is mutually beneficial to both parties concerned. The usually older man has wealth, and affluence which affords him all the luxuries, that life has to offer. A very attractive thing for a younger woman to experience. But sugar daddies have discriminating tastes. They will not be seen with a plain, ordinary, or below average girl. The sugar babe is almost always a young knockout, his eye and arm candy. She will always turn heads in a crowd! And she knows this to be true. She loves the lavish lifestyle, and is usually of higher maintenance than a male her age could ever afford. They have a unique, mutually beneficial relationship, one in which both sides know their roles, and in which they are both happy! In the true sugar daddy lifestyle, it is a totally win-win situation, as opposed to the gold digger who is interested in only her!

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